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Hãy Chọn Giá Dúng (Vietnam)
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:05:56 AM »
Quite a few full episodes, all about an hour each, which I found while browsing on YouTube. Games are listed with their English names, and there are several classic cues from the American version.

While I myself do not speak Vietnamese, I am reasonably certain that someone here will enjoy them. :-)

* June 15 (Spelling Bee, Grocery Game {I do believe; very strange gameplay, though...}, Plinko {called "ZicZac"}, Grand Game)
* June 22 (Grand Game, Spelling Bee, Grocery Game{?}, Shell Game; debut of new Contestant's Row podiums)
* June 29 (Spelling Bee, Bonus Game, Line 'Em Up {four-digit}, Plinko)
* July 13 (Shell Game, Plinko, Bonkers {five-digit}, Spelling Bee)
* July 27 (Spelling Bee, Line 'Em Up {four-digit}, Plinko, Shell Game)
* Uploaded October 28 (Plinko, Grand Game, Spelling Bee, Bonus Game; has spinning question marks during the opening, not present in the above episodes)

* January 18 (Shell Game, Plinko, Bonkers {five-digit}, Grand Game)
* April 1 (Golden Road, Grocery Game{?}, Spelling Bee, Bonus Game)
* July 8 (Spelling Bee, Golden Road, Grocery Game{?}, Race Game)
* July 15 (Plinko, Grand Game, Spelling Bee, Shell Game; with or without commercials)

There is also this episode uploaded February 26, 2012 that begins shortly before the fifth contestant is called (the last three games being Plinko, Shell Game, and Spelling Bee).
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