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I just want to highlight a portion of what prizes22 said:

--- Quote from: prizes22 on December 08, 2012, 10:19:31 PM ---To do this, what do we have to do? Get rid of the forum games, all of them. Out in Left Field is a discussion place, of other game shows, brief sports mentions, and RELEVANT obits. Not this junk about the best boy in Casablanca passing away, or a page full of forum games that wouldn't have lived a day under the old system. It's total BS.

--- End quote ---

This.  I'm not one to stifle creativity or discussion, but looking in OILF and trying to pick out the actual topics from all the games is a chore.  Looking at the OILF forum now, I see:  Millionaire Game, Plinko Meets Chain Reaction, Switch Meets Chain Reaction, The Person Below Me, Final Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and three obits for people I've never heard of.  And that's just the first page!  Out of 20 topics, over half of them (11) are way past left field.  Several Whose Line games have already been banned, and there are a few others (like The Random Game) that I'd be happy to never see again.

Clean up OILF and get rid of these games, PLEASE.

(And Seth, if you're out there, maybe we should seriously look at adding an auto-lock function so that when threads reach the 30-day mark, they automatically lock to prevent random bumps like the ones in the First Run section just today.)

Well...this is all sort of true but the cursing and yelling isn't quite necessary.

--- Quote from: prizes22 on December 08, 2012, 10:19:31 PM ---It's why a site like Invision still works

--- End quote ---

Some would disagree :D (Not necessarily me, though.)

--- Quote from: prizes22 on December 08, 2012, 10:19:31 PM ---You must have intelligence to run a competent site

--- End quote ---

Is that a potshot at John/Marc/Seth?

--- Quote from: prizes22 on December 08, 2012, 10:19:31 PM ---For those of you who don't speak with proper grammar on a regular basis, throw out random shiite as fact, don't bother to make your point well, contribute nothing, can't run your own show (more than one person here, by the way), go away. That's cold, but I mean it at my core. Here's to a better 2013...though I have no hope of it happening.

--- End quote ---

I agree with most of this, but the "go away" I don't fully agree with, but that's probably neither here nor there.

I think one of the problems here is that everyone thinks they are better than someone else or some others. (This thread for example, everyone thinks they're better than some members elsewhere, etc, heck, I'm guilty too)

I think another problem is that when someone corrects someone else for saying or doing something wrong, they take it as a personal attack and do their damnedest to retaliate. It's like Marc said.

--- Quote from: Marc ---1. Do not flame or belittle someone for his or her opinions. We all think differently and may not agree with other's opinions. With that said, tasteful debate is encouraged! If you disagree with someone, please disagree with a little bit of “class”. DO NOT get personal with someone regarding an opinion that you may not agree with.

--- End quote ---

Tasteful debate is encouraged, tasteful being the key word.

Then there are the numerous forum games....this is a tough topic. Some are good and fun and get some participation, but some turn into places for 3 members to constantly post nonstop back and forth and raise their post-count exponentially each day. There's a reason "The Random Game" was Locked. Each OILF Game should be looked at to see if there are a good number of members posting regularly or if it is just 1 2 or 3 of the exact same people posting back and forth back and forth.

I think everyone just needs to calm down and realize that not everyone who quotes your post and says something contrary to your opinion is out to get you / personally attack you and if you think they are the best thing to do is report the post - not reply back with an attack of your own. Also, when one member is out of line, it is not the time to gang up on them in subsequent threads (See DJTorgo as a recent example, yes, his Signature was horrid, yes, the first post was pretty bad, and yes, the second post was really bad, but the discussion was supposed to be over.)

Taking potshots at members after they are banned in other threads or in the thread itself is of no use and serves no purpose whatsoever.

In summary, I think a lot of members are full of themselves (myself included, don't get me wrong here...) and need to rethink some posts (again myself included) in the future.

There's a huge difference between tasteful debates over TPiR related things and pissing contests over who did or said what.

Edit: Holy crap, Flerbert hit the nail on the head!

--- Quote from: Flerbert419 on December 08, 2012, 11:14:15 PM ---It's also three things you should ask yourself before hitting that "Post" button:
Does this need to be said?
Does this need to be said by me?
Does this need to be said by me, now?

Anything else just clutters forums and takes up bandwidth.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: TheTechSGT on December 08, 2012, 11:32:58 PM ---(And Seth, if you're out there, maybe we should seriously look at adding an auto-lock function so that when threads reach the 30-day mark, they automatically lock to prevent random bumps like the ones in the First Run section just today.)

--- End quote ---

The problem with this, though, is when people actually do have relevant information to post...I'll admit, though, I prefer the recaps all in the same area, so I can easily access ones near each other when I need to.

I will admit, since the topic was brought up, it seems like some members post simply to get their post count up....I don't think at all that this function should be disabled, but we do need to remember that quality, not quantity, should determine a person's posting status.

I do know marc posted in a thread before the 4th of july that he has no intentions of steering this site back to what it used to be and did say that if it had not been for what has gone into developing this site, it would have been gone a long time ago. 

@Punchboard:  I agree with you about the recaps, but the key phrase is "relevant information."  The last few times I've seen a recap thread bumped past the 30-day mark, it was for something like "Rerun today!" or "Happy Halloween," or for something equally pointless.  I lurked around here for several years before joining up, and offhand I can't think of any recap bump past the 30-day mark that was relevant, and a whole mess of them that were so far past "irrelevant" it was sad.

GRN's problems aren't going to go away overnight.  But it looks like Seth himself is starting to take a firmer hand when it comes to the disruptive elements around here, and I think that's a good thing.  Invision really doesn't work because their moderation is a joke, and the same can be said for the official PiR boards.

And I want to get this off my chest as long as the floor is open.  I know this is an Internet forum and not everyone is going to express themselves like they're writing a college essay.  I don't think we should demand that from everyone who posts here.  But at the same time, there are some users here That Randomly capitalize their Posts, use "IM lingo" ("u" instead of "you," for example, or throw in "lol" to everything), or never use any kind of punctuation, making their posts basically long run-on sentences.  I can't be the only one that finds this kind of thing irritating.  Whatever the middle ground is between people being allowed to post like that, and the rest of us using the Ignore feature (I've got quite a few people on my Ignore list for precisely this reason, their posts are atrocious and VERY difficult to read), I think we should come up with some typographical standards.  I'm not saying ban anyone who says "lol" or uses a period instead of a question mark, since anyone can make a mistake, but at the same time there's no reason for some of the atrocious writing styles we have around here.

EDIT:  @RRF:  just because Marc doesn't want to reclaim past glory doesn't mean this site should wind up an intellectual wasteland like ATGS or Invision or the official boards.  Those are sites that just lost the will to moderate and whose members don't really moderate themselves, and we see where that can lead.  I have a hard time believing Marc wants this site to go down that road, and I also have a hard time accepting that anyone here does either.


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