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TPiR Recap: 12/23/99 (Another Disastrous Double Overbid)
« on: December 21, 2012, 11:42:52 AM »
Opening Graphics: Lots of Laughs, Lots of Loot, Lots of Fun
First Four Lineup: Green to Red Podiums
Barker: Stage Entrance
Handoff: Janice

Models of the Day: Kathleen Bradley, Janice Pennington, and Nikki Schieler-Ziering
Wardrobe: Paris Originals

1. Garden Styles' Juliana Outdoor Greenhouse (Kathleen and Nikki)
Vicki-$700   Jennifer-$1900   Bryant-$751   Anne-$800    ARP: $1200, Anne wins

Anne will start things off w/ LUCKY SEVEN for a Dodge Caravan (pk. 22-T, paint sealant, fabric protectant) (driven out on stage by Janice)
First Numeber in price of the Van: 1
Guesses: 7 (9 -$2), 6 (6 ON THE NOSE), 5 (7 -$2), 5 (4 -$1)  ANNE WINS THE VAN !!!  $19,675

2. Colonial Christmas Village by George Lefton Co. (Janice)
DOYLE-$800   Vicki-$850   Jennifer-$700   Bryant-$1400    ARP: $1149, Vicki wins

Vicki will play IT'S IN THE BAG for a chance to win $16,000 in CA$H !!!

Grocery Items used in today's playing (Kathleen and Nikki will place them on the bags of Vicki's choices):
Citrucel Fiber Therapy, Dove Body Wash, Tiger Balm Patches, Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover, Breath Savers Breath Mints,
Chock Full O' Nuts Colombian Coffee

$1.89-Breath Mints  $12.69-Fiber Therapy   $3.09-Body Wash   $5.83-Coffee   $4.99-Pet Stain Remover
$1.89-Breath Mints ($1,000, decides to go)
$12.69-Fiber Therapy ($2,000, decides to go)
$3.09-Coffee (WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAH) Vicki losses the $2,000 and leaves w/ nothing.
($5.83 bag was Body Wash and $4.99 bag was Pet Stain Remover)

3. Impuls Retro Collection 5-piece Luggage (Kathleen and Janice)
MELISSA-$900   Jennifer-$950   Bryant-$1000   Doyle-$999 (stupid bid)    ARP: $1160, Bryant wins

Bryant will play PUSH OVER for a Kawasaki 3-seater Watercraft (Nikki)
Numbers: 833965012
Bryant's guess: 6501.....WRONG (correct price is $8339)

Showcase Showdown #1:
Vicki: 30-spin again-30=60
Bryant: 40-spin again-40=80
Anne: 25-spin again-85=OVER   Bryant advances to the Showcase Round

4. Amana Easy-Reach Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer and a supply of Eggsland Best Eggs (Janice)
MARK-$2899   Doyle-$1599   Melissa-$1800   Jennifer-$1801   ARP: $1899, Jennifer wins

Jennifer will play EASY AS 123 for the following prizes:
Sunlite 5-piece Drum Set and Cymbals (Janice)
Corsican White Iron Cradle (Kathleen)
Noritake 12-piece "Mr. Snowman" Dinnerware (Nikki)

Jennifer's guesses: Block 1 on the Dinnerware, Block 2 on the Drums, Block 3 on the Cradle
Dinnerware: $654
Drums: $1039
Cradle: $1823, Jennifer wins all three prizes !

5. In the "TPiR" Clamshell, Harris Lamps' 3-piece Lighting Group (Nikki)
SHAUNI-$700   Mark-$525   Doyle-$780   Melissa-$781    ARP: $565, Mark wins

Mark will play BONUS GAME for a Berkline "Shasta" Wall-O-Way Living Room Group and 2 Panasonic 13-inch Color TV/VCR combos
(Kathleen), $3,420.

7-speed Blender (wrong price: $80) says LOWER (wrong $100)
Hair Setter (wrong price: $17) says HIGHER (right $25)
Lighted Makeup Mirror (wrong price: $50) says LOWER (wrong $65)
Humidifer (wrong price: 75) says HIGHER (right $90)

The "Bonus" is located in Window #2 so Mark wins !

6. Janice and Kathleen bring out a Whirlpool Quiet Wash-plus Dishwasher
JEFFREY-$900   Doyle-$850   Melissa-$500   Shauni-$901    ARP: $509, Melissa wins

Melissa will conclude the show w/ CARD GAME for a Chevy Prism (rear window defogger, 4-speed auto. trans.) (Nikki)
Melissa must come w/in $500 of the ARP of the Car to win.
Starting Bid: $8000
4 of Spades ($8400)  8 of Spades ($9200)  Jack of Diamonds ($10200)  King of Spades ($11200)  7 of Diamonds ($11900)
Jack of Spades ($12900) Melissa stops there.

ARP: $15,226
Difference: $2,326, Melissa losses.

Showcase Showdown #2:
Melissa: 25-spin again-70=95
Mark: 70-spin again-70=OVER
Jennifer: 15-spin again-15=30, Melissa advances to the Showcase Round.

Showcase Round: Bryant is the Top Winner and Meliss is the Runner Up.

Showcase #1: "Prizes Discovered in the "TPiR" Luggage Catalog" (Janice)
Trip to Hawaii (6 night stay at the Aston Kaha Lani)
Trip to Italy (6 night stay at the Atlante Hotel)
Trip to China (6 night stay at the Hotel Equatorial Shanghai)

Bryant decides to keep this showcase and he bids $18,999.

Showcase #2: "TPiR Christmas Train Depot" (Kathleen is the Conductor, Janice drives the Christmas Train)
7-Piece Oak Dinette Group
His and Hers Knight Golfing Equipment (Kathleen)
Ventura Catalina Spa (Nikki)

Melissa bids $11,000.

Actual Price of Bryant's Showcase: $14,853
Difference: OVER

Actual Price of Melissa's Showcase: $10,562
Difference: OVER

Bob states that for 3 straight tapings of shows in a row, there have been Double Overbids.  He then signs off w/ the Pet Population Phrase and then heads out into the audience to shake hands w/ random audience members as the camera gets shots of the Beauties,
conductor Kathleen in front of the Train Depot as her hat falls off her head, Nikki in front of the Trip Skins as they rise to the ceiling, and Janice, back in main attire, in front of door two and then the Pearson Television logo appears on the screen.

Okay Show, could've been better.
The Set was decorated beautifully for Christmas and I espeically loved how they decorated the Train Depot w/ Christmas attire, very cool !  Eventhough she was a very annoying contestant, I honestly thought Melissa was gonna win that showcase because I thought it was gonna be around $12,000 and so.

Rod wasn't at his very best on this episode because he had a very bad throat and he was struggling while describing the trips in the first showcase.  In segment 4, Bob pointed out that a lady named Ruby in the studio audience wanted to take over announcer duties for Rod in case he couldn't carry on and Bob put her to test as she shouted "COME ON DOWN YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT" as loud as she could, there's her fifteen minutes of fame.

Well, at least one of the Car games was won !
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