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This is...interesting. Please, try to keep the fights to a minimum.

Well as my mother used to say, "Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone is entitles to them and they all stink."

HEY! I'm in one of the pictures!

I'm sorry, but this is the most poorly written depiction of GR I have ever seen, save from people who ACTUALLY HAD experience with this site.

I know this place has not been sunshine and lollipops, but this is atrocious...especially in the research (For example, it claims Steve has been a mod for years and can ban people...)

Not to mention that facts were ripped from Encyclopedia Dramatica of all places...granted, the ED article does hit the nail on several, is actually pretty funny, but if you're actually going to write an article about why you don't like, you don't take tons of facts from ED, because most of it is exaggerated.

Just blah.

I wouldn't be surprised if the same people that drew up that Encyclopedia Dramatica page (upon which I was both amused and horrified that I was singled out) are the same people that drafted this Game Show Garbage business.

I mean, I don't agree with a lot of the things people say on this site, but to publish it elsewhere and claim from an outsider's point of view how ridiculous it is?  It doesn't even seem joking, just mean-spirited.

I can't speak for everyone, but I don't have Asperger's, autism, or any sort of disorder whatsoever, and to have someone assume that of me is incredibly disturbing.  Far more disturbing, however, is the realization that people pretend others have a disability, making it okay to ridicule them over the internet.  What in the hell?

I mean, I shouldn't be mad.  It's just someone else's opinion, but it still does bother me.  This goes completely against all these "remember what you say; there are people behind these posts" threads we've seen even during my 30-day ban.  This serves no purpose other than to promote a sense of superiority over others with the only goal being smug self-satisfaction.

For shame. that eloquent enough for you, he who has it out for me?


--- Quote ---Ruining a great show just because it isn't what it used to be and many other facepalm-worthy moments that make normal game show fans look terrible

--- End quote ---
I like this line. I like how one fan site, that the show doesn't acknowledge on-air or through show production, is ruining a great show. As if the even half of the shows viewers come here after watching the show and are disgusted by the fans. This site can't be heard if you aren't here to read it.

This is...more of the same old, same old. Like Guint said, I felt like I was reading Encyclopedia Dramatica again.

I like how an email about two posters is supposed to really hammer the point home of how terrible this site is and how the fanbase has no soul. 2 out of a thousand isn't exactly the best sampling size, but I didn't major in Probability.

Again...same old, same old. A lot of this is old news. A lot of it was in the past. But leaving things in the past is hard for some folks. I thought the site's changed since then, but what do I know. Oh well.

EDIT: DJ's post also made me realize something. A lot of the criticism of this site is far more worse that the criticism hurled at the show. Two wrongs don't make a right kind of applies here.

EDIT 2: I also like how Adam is included and he really hasn't done anything. That's just insulting for the sake of insulting. Nice touch.


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