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Typical Seidy being typical Seidy.  Yawn.

I glanced at this for about 20 seconds and decided this person needs something to better occupy his time on the weekends.  If you guys are worrying about this, you need to get your priorities in order.

Oh brother.  :roll:

Well, might as well give my two cents on this.

First off, as a brony, I find it insanely offensive that this guy is basically saying "yeah, they're bad, but they cheer people up by throwing Pinkie-Pie style parties, and have a little humanity, so they aren't as bad as the 'heartless morons' on" Wow. I already have no sympathy for this guy. The brony community has so many nice, cool, and talented people. Using it as a comparison; being slightly above this 'bottom of the barrel =" nonsense really hit a sore spot for me. Please, person who wrote this, do your research before posting stuff like that. Besides, I never agreed that has ever been that bad, even when I did post those ranting threads.

Second, while I will admit that I do believe the people on this site can be mean-spirited and impatient at times, I still like most, if not all the more common posters on this site. I didn't congratulate the fact that cu, Prizes, and Steve became mods, because I still had my doubts if that was the right move to improve the site. Now that time has past by, I can safely say those doubts have been eliminated, and that the 3 are doing a great job as mods. Why am I mentioning this? Because this article was published (I'm assuming) around the same time when the site was improving quite a good deal.

Speaking of the improvement of the site, I'll bring up DJ's post.

--- Quote from: DJTorgo on January 26, 2013, 08:02:05 PM ---I mean, I shouldn't be mad.  It's just someone else's opinion, but it still does bother me.  This goes completely against all these "remember what you say; there are people behind these posts" threads we've seen even during my 30-day ban.  This serves no purpose other than to promote a sense of superiority over others with the only goal being smug self-satisfaction.

For shame.

--- End quote ---

As a person who really pushed for these types of threads out of anger for the aftershock of his ban, and even started one of them,  it really does amaze me that people like this still think the site is still total garbage, and continue to not look into it further. Bleh. :roll:

PS: Golden fanbois. How mature. And this is the guy how complained that most of us insult others with phrases such as 'go get laid.' This isn't YouTube, I haven't seen anything like that being posted. I'd look into this further, but I'd really rather not; I just I want to make sure everyone knows my stance on nonsense like this being posted. Take it as you will. I'm probably overreacting, but whatever.

A phrase that is often used when criticism of MLP fans comes up is "Haters gonna hate." I think it applies to unconstructive criticism of this board and its members as well. Ignore people like the author of that page, don't give them the attention they're so obviously seeking.

I will be constructing a more formal response in a little while. In the interim, please remain courteous and respectful, as the last thing you should ever do in a fight is give the opposition additional ammo.


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