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--- Quote from: thepriceis_J on January 26, 2013, 08:02:35 PM ---I like how an email about two posters is supposed to really hammer the point home of how terrible this site is and how the fanbase has no soul.

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Exactly, and that story was from four and a half years ago...

This article reminds me of a good saying...

--- Quote ---People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....

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I don't really think ranting about someone with an agenda against this site on this site is really constructive.

I feel strangely honored...


--- Quote from: PatrickRox80 on January 26, 2013, 08:33:41 PM ---I feel strangely honored...

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That's also what I was thinking. :-)

It took who knows how long to find all those "facts". And for what? To try and belittle the fans of this forum and TPiR. I couldn't care less.

This isn't anything new. I remember them writing critical pieces on before. Some of it is, sadly, based on fact. While silently browsing threads, I've seen a few members fly off the handle, so to speak. However, it's not particularly fair or accurate to label the entire member base here as fanatical "fanbois", and most especially when they start referring to other fandoms and comparing to them. I believe any fan of The Price Is Right can get a generally good experience and information boost by visiting here, especially if he plans on becoming a contestant proper. I see all too many contestants on The Price Is Right that don't perform particularly well, and I think of how much better he would have performed if he had only lurked or posted here for awhile before trying to make the pilgrimage to Bob Barker Studio, though would-be contestants would probably be well-off to not advertise the fact that they visit here for obvious selection-related reasons. That's a bit ironic when you consider that the liner notes to The Price Is Right DVD collection links to this very website. There's a lot of valuable information to learn from being here, and there are some informative and friendly people here, as well. I do also have some credibility qualms when the author cites Encyclopedia Dramatica as a source and calls it "a great website". I really wouldn't call that troll, shark-bait, inflammatory, crude, hateful, inaccurate, gossiping, and otherwise atrocious website "great". Also, when the author writes:

--- Quote from: Rober Seidelman ---It should also be noted that this is the same guy that has in his signature that "I support the Price is right by not supporting Drew Carey"  However, in typical #3 hypocritical fashion, he has a FAQ regarding all 41 seasons of the show and runs it and updates it daily.  So, by watching The Price Is Right, he is still supporting Drew Carey.  If he wanted to support the first 35 seasons of the show, he would do what normal fanboys would do: petition a network to rerun said episodes, namely GSN and he and his merry band of miscreants can watch all their classic Bob without sounding like a hypocritical douchebag.  Now, this isn't saying that everyone on the board is a #3, quite a few people on there are sane.  So, this induction isn't about them.  It's about people like Gavazzi and others who post on the boards who act like Deity Barker rules over all.

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He fails to recognize that people can have a critical review of Drew Carey's performance or have an opinion regarding areas where he can improve while still enjoying and watching the show for personal enjoyment, other legitimate reasons, or other aspects of the show that they like. I certainly would like a world where Bob could have had a few more years left in him, but it had to come sooner or later, and, in retrospect, it probably happened under better than average circumstances. While I don't think Drew Carey is all that and has a lot of room for improvement, not completely liking Drew Carey's performance--or not supporting it, which isn't my particular case--doesn't make me ineligible from watching the show, and there are areas that I think Drew does good, and perhaps even better than Bob at. I also question the credibility and objectivity of someone that can't write a piece without resorting to insults like "douchebag". Not really professional.


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