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Feb. 1961 show with Arlene Francis
« on: May 23, 2006, 07:13:51 PM »
Don Pardo: Tonight, these four people meet to compete for the prizes of a lifetime on... (fanfare from "Six Finger Tune") The Price Is Right, presented by new Stripe toothpaste with germ-killing hexachlorophine for the double protection of toothpaste plus mouthwash. And now, your hostess on The Price Is Right and here she is...Arlene Francis!

Arlene comes out to applause from the studio audience and says that Bill's still on vacation, she's still working, and everything is in its proper place. The contestants:

Margie Patrick is a schoolteacher from Ft. Worth TX. She is the returning champion, having racked up $22,054 in her past two appearances.

David Talman is a construction worker from Spring Valley NY.

Ruth Kaplan is a housewife from Kenwood PA.

Edwin Silliman is an army chaplain from Ft. Sumter NY.

June Ferguson holds up a case of Dove soap, which all contestants receive. The first item up for bids is a Healthways two-man submarine, made of pure fiberglass, measures 18 ft. long with a 32-in. beam, can travel 200 ft. below the surface, has four speeds and can travel four miles per hour.

Mrs. Patrick opens the bidding with minimums at $100:
(*--frozen bid; [bz]--last bid buzzer)
-------100 -------200 --------300 -------400
-------500 -------700 --------800 -------900
------1200 ------1450 [bz]----* 1550 ----* 2000
----* 2100 ----* 2200

Actual retail price: $2500, with Mr. Talman winning, and he hit the bonus bell. He also wins a Tappan 442 range and a Buster Crabbe 16 x 32 swimming pool from Cascade Pools.

Next item: a 1961 Ford Fairlane 2-door sedan, powered by a standard 6-cylinder engine, has manual transmission and white sidewall tires. Bidding on the Fairlane at its F.O.B. delivered price, point of entry, Detroit MI.

Mr. Talman opens with minimums $100:
---------- -------900 ------1000 ------1200
------1300 ------1400 ------1700 ------1800
------2000 ------2300 ------2400 [bz]----* 1800
----* 2550 ----* 2300 ----* 2400

Actual retail price: $2383, with Mr. Talman the winner again.

The current sweepstakes, consisting of one prize, is shown again. The item is a mink coat from Chaparelli Furs of New York.

Third item: A baby grand piano from Sommer Pianos. Dave Carey plays the piano during the description.

Mrs. Kaplan opens the bidding with minimums $100:
---------- ---------- -------400 ------800
-------900 ------1100 ------1400 -----1500
------1600 ----* 1100 ----* 1400 -----1700 [bz]
----* 2000 ----* 1100 ----* 1400 ---* 2100

Actual retail price: $2290, with Chaplain Silliman winning and he hit the bonus bell. This one's a game for the prizes, consisting of a board with a pair of trips, one to Hawaii and the other to Paris. Below that are a pair of pieces of jewelry, one a diamond ring and the other a diamond brooch. Below that are a pair of furs, one a sable and the other a beaver coat. Chaplain Silliman must select the prize from each pair that is most expensive to win that prize. On the trips he chose Hawaii. The price was $1474. The price of the Rome trip was $2129, so he lost the trip. On the jewelry, he chose the ring. The price: $1050. The price of the brooch was $3000, so he lost that as well. On the furs, he chose the sable. The price: $1500. The beaver coat's price was $1000, so he won the sable coat.

Final item: A 2-room home in Cape Coral, Florida. A Cherokee design on a layout of 80 x 125 site, encompassing
1600 sq. ft. on a 10,000 sq ft. homesite. By Gulf Guaranteed Land Entitlement Company.

Chaplain Silliman opens the bidding with the opening asked to be at least $5000, minimums at $100:
---------- ---------- ---------- ------5000
------6000 ------7000 -----10000 -----11000
-----12000 -----13000 -----13100 -----13500
-----13600 -----13700 [bz]----*16500 ----*13500
----*13600 ----*16600

Actual retail price: $15,070 with Mrs. Patrick the winner.

Final scores:

Mrs. Patrick - $15070
Mr. Talman - $8353
Mrs. Kaplan - $0 (she gets an Amana upright freezer)
Chaplain Silliman - $3790

Mrs. Patrick retains her championship and returns the next week with a three-week total of $37,124.
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Re: Feb. 1961 show with Arlene Francis
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2022, 01:54:41 PM »
Apologies for the decade-plus bump, but since there's a thread for this exact episode already, I figured this would be the best place to ask this (mods can split this into its own thread if need be)...

Back in April 2019, when BUZZR had its first-ever broadcast of Cullen TPIR, it was this episode. For that showing, they labeled it "February 1, 1961". This morning, this same episode came up in the middle of a block of otherwise-new-to-BUZZR shows, and today it was labeled "January 18, 1961". Do we know which airdate is the correct one?

Or, more generally speaking, are there any clues within the episodes themselves that would lend themselves to positively identifying airdates? Thanks!

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Re: Feb. 1961 show with Arlene Francis
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2022, 07:46:30 PM »
Newspaper Archives confirm that Arlene did double duty from January 9-27, 1961. The nighttime episodes with Arlene were on the 11th, 18th, and 25th.
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Re: Feb. 1961 show with Arlene Francis
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2022, 04:55:18 PM »
The Bill Cullen Archive backs that up.
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