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Happy 10th Anniversary, Golden-Road! (forums)

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Well, I'm not sure how many of you all recognize this, but today is the 10th anniversary of's forums being active! Granted, the site itself has existed for longer than that, with Marc's stories and photos, but this is the forum version, originally called on this day in 2003 as a "bonus page." It's been an amazing ride, really, having been here through most of it, though certainly not all, someone like Steve (or someone who has been around all 10 forum years) would be better equipped to tell the story on that front.

As we hit this milestone, as a collective site, a fanbase, I think we should keep the spirit of Marc's intentions in mind, as we move forward: This is a place to discuss The Price is Right. Let me add this, to that: We should strive for high quality discussion of The Price is Right. As I've said before, this happens in lots of ways, in my opinion, primarily removing personal attacks, and really thinking about whether or not your post adds anything, can be backed by research (hey, there's great resources, use 'em!), is of substance, and so on. For instance, giving it your all in how you post is evident; I'm not calling anyone out here, but in the recaps, I notice a lot of people judge a show's quality based on the gameplay results themselves, and nothing else. Sure, that obviously means something, but it's clearly not everything; look at Drew's hosting. Good? Bad? When, why, and how so?

By ensuring this old standard of post quality, we promote long-term growth for the forum itself, and make the site a much more enjoyable experience for all, for now and the future. If we can do this, we might have our differences on Drew, Mike, etc., and while that's fine, it will remove the personal attacks, as well as making the site more user friendly, making even more members, making even more great discussion! What's not to like?

Aside from that, let's mention some of our best memories here throughout the years, of times long since past, of members since moved on, of times we wish we could repeat. I think this should be interesting, given everyone's vastly varying perspectives and longevity here. One of my notable ones was getting to cohost cu's MDS. With those setups, how crazy and funny everything was, it was what I like. What about you?

Let's start off the next 10 years on the right foot with this discussion, on both ends, of long-term improving quality and favorite site memories. We together can do this. I know I can-- can you?  :-)


Happy anniversary and many more to come :)

Kirsten Vaccaro:
Happy 10th Anniversary.  :biggrin:

I remember that the version of this site went online right after MDS 4 aired.

...My God, the first MDSs were 10 years ago.  I'm freaking old.

I first found Marc's site while I was in high school, around '97 or '98.  If I remember correctly, the term "bonus page" referred to his at the time unbelievable collection of photos of the pricing game storage area.  (Who else remembers seeing Double Prices sitting in the Train? :))  The current site is a merger of that and Jeff Parsons's "The Price Is Right Update Message Board," which started in 1999; Marc became a moderator there in 2001 and ended up more or less running it after Jeff disappeared into that hectic realm known as real life.

It's hard to believe all of this grew out of a group of pictures and what I don't think any of us realized 14 years ago was a pretty crappy piece of forum software.  (For those who don't remember, Bravenet only saved the 250 most recent posts.)  Since then, we've gotten thousands of members, commissioned daily show recaps, written the FAQ, and established some pretty crazy relationships with the show.  (Hi, Roger!)  What's even crazier is that we've now been around in some form or another for over a third of the show's run.

I don't know what's coming next around here, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. :)

My favorite moments were my first and so-far only QSW and getting to run a hyo on the forums. I first saw this page in college 8 or 9 years ago, this and have been the best resources of archival items for The Price is Right. 3 years ago I went to see the show live in CA and had a blast.

All the best to everyone who strives to make Golden-Road the premier TPIR fanbase


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