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Happy 10th Anniversary, Golden-Road! (forums)

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Happy Anniversary! Here's to ten more wonderful years  :biggrin:

Happy 10th anniversary to this awesome site.

Happy 10th anniversary to one of my new favorite sites,!

Wow has it been 10 years already.    Can't even start to list out all the things that have happened at this sit in 10 years.

Thanks to Marc, John, and countless others (forgive me for not listing everyone) that have put what has to be 1000's of hours of time into this site.


I didn't even know it has been 10 years. Wow how time flys when you are having fun.  I never even knew this site existed until mid-season 31 when I realized that rod was no longer being shown on camera and I started googling it and ended up coming to this site on the old MSN boards.  We should all thank Marc, John and the countless moderators on this site for keeping it what it is.  Here is to many many more.


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