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Happy 10th Anniversary, Golden-Road! (forums)

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Even though I've been on this site for the past seven years, I've essentially been a "lurker" for quite awhile and never realized that this place was actually ten years old. For those who don't know me very well, I'm a man of very few spoken words; I prefer to put everything down in writing.  Marc and John have done a bang-up job in keeping this place up and running for as long as it's been up--even while we were going through the 2006-2007 Bandwidth Crisis that nearly destroyed things.  Aside from Marc and John, there are lots of people that need to be recognized for their contribution to this site:

Bob Barker
Drew Carey
Rich Fields
Chuck Dukas
Roger Dobkowitz
Scott Robinson

Without the contributions from the people I just mentioned, would never have existed.  They were the ones who gave us an insider's look into the well-oiled machine that is "The Price is Right."

What a ride it has been.  Here's to ten more years! :pint:

Here's some nostalgia... Way back when i think i'd first released my version of price and found the site, John asked me to make some of these now "ANCIENT" graphics

I remember those, BigJon! Nice.
Happy 10th to, I have been on the forums lurking for basically the entire time but haven't posted much. A lot of praise is deserved for all those who have put countless amounts of effort into this webpage including Marc, John, and Steve. Let's go for another 10 years, shall we?

Congrats for the sites 10th year! Please unlock my posts.


--- Quote from: tripleplay92 on June 01, 2013, 12:15:30 AM ---Congrats for the sites 10th year! Please unlock my posts.
--- End quote ---

You created a thread about a petition to get Total Request Live back on the air.  Such petitions do not work.  As such, there is nothing useful that can come out of having that thread open; therefore, it is not getting unlocked.

Also, this is a completely inappropriate way to use this thread.    In fact, the only reason I haven't deleted your post is that I can't delete posts in The Front Office.  Between this and creating the TRL thread with your first post, though, you are not off to a flying start here.


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