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Cheating in CSS (It's Not Cool...Don't Do It)


It has come to my attention that players may be using the site's Search function to look up prices of prizes offered during the showcases. I have been given several screenshots revealing players doing so recently, done by using the site's Who's Online feature, which shows the current site activity of members online at any given period.

Remember that looking up prices during live playings of CSS, whether they be from previous recaps, price lists, Google, and whatnot, is considered an act of cheating. The real show would ban you in a heartbeat if you were caught doing that. I have zero tolerance for it in CSS.

I will not mention names publicly at the moment to protect the guilty, but if you are doing this, you need to stop. Cheating in CSS gives players an advantage that they would otherwise not have, which makes the game less fun for those who do play by the rules. If you can't do it on the real show, don't do it in CSS, either. If said players continue to play outside of the spirit of the game by cheating, there could be serious consequences, up to and including vacancies of any records to-date and suspensions from CSS.

Most of you are good about playing by the's really a shame that these select few force me to have to write this. I really don't want to have to bring this up again. CSS is just a game, played solely for bragging rights...there's really no benefit to cheating anyways. :)


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