Author Topic: Wink Martindale's Awesome Non-Price Clips and Episodes: The Ongoing Thread  (Read 112573 times)

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While it's not part of Wink's vault, the pilot for It Had To Be You, whch turned into He Said, She Said, which then turned into Tattletales, is now on YouTube.
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I'd honestly say like Monopoly, the pilot for Trivial Pursuit was better than the actual series. To create multiple wedges for Daily Double-style Bonus Questions, a speedround that provides exciting finishes, as well as returning champs, and a set with a floor that resembles the actual gameboard, its too bad this show is just a footnoote in Wink's as well as being almost better known for Family Channel interactive games and Playbreaks. I like the tension in the bonus round where the clock tone gradually gets more dramatic as time counts down, and of course if this went to national syndication, we'd get the budget we have here instead of those cheap $100 Bonus Questions. This show was being pitched as early as 1987, and the only thing I would have added were to have different categories in each round like the series did, as well as the penalty for a blank guess be half of the value of the question, with the exception of the Bonus Questions.

It Had To Be You plays pretty similarly to He Said She Said, but I would have liked a buzzer system, and also feel that its unfair to the couple who gave the word to be penalized as much as the couple who guesses incorrectly just because they may have rung in a bit too slow. There's still the mini-cat fights though which helped to make Tattletales a fun watch.
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Tomorrow at 2pm Wink will be posting ABCís pilot or Deal or No Deal.
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Yikes. That was cringeworthy.

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I did like the preliminary game.

Patrick Kielty was an odd choice for host. He was just bland imo, no click with the models or contestants. They should of went with a comedian to host the show.

I see why ABC passed on this. The Nbc version was better.