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Another Kennedy Episode
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:48:27 PM »
After a LONG hiatus, here's a new Kennedy recap.

Sharon, William, Daniel, and Elaine come on down

IUFB #1: Microwave range with a supply of Shake 'N' Bake

Elaine: $1,800
Daniel: $1,295
William: $1,296
Sharon: $1,000

ARP: $1,695

William wins and will play Punch-a-Bunch for up to $10,000

Coffee maker
Mixer/scale from Crock
Set of cookware from Old Dutch
Pasta machine from Ostro

Coffee maker: Wrong price is $42, goes lower, price is $70
Mixer/scale: Wrong price is $52, goes lower, price is $30
Cookware: Wrong price is $175, goes lower, price is $120
Pasta machine: Wrong price is $120, goes higher, price is $90

Wins 2 punches

1st punch: $1,000, stops

2nd punch was $50 (William does a backflip)

Elizabeth comes on down

IUFB #2: Color TV from Pioneer

Elizabeth: $795
Sharon: $1,200
Elaine: $1,201
Daniel: $900

ARP: $1,398

Elaine wins and will play Any Number for a food preparer from KitchenAid or a Buick Skyhawk

1st guess: 8, in car
2nd guess: 2, in piggy bank
3rd guess: 4, in preparer
4th guess: 3, in car
5th guess: 0, in preparer
6th guess: 7, in preparer

Wins preparer

Car was $8,693, preparer is $470, and piggy bank was $5.21

Patricia comes on down

IUFB #3: Secretary from Stanley Furniture with a collection of coins from Dean Witter

Patricia: $1,400
Daniel: $1,695
Elizabeth: $1,375
Sharon: $1,000

ARP: $1,776

Daniel wins and will play Double Prices for a paddle cruiser

$2,501 or $3,295? Chooses $3,295 WIN


Top winner: Daniel
Runner up: William

Showcase #1:

Bedroom furniture from Vaughan-Bassett
Bedding ensemble from Crown Crafts
Mattress set from Englander
Player piano from Cabaret

Daniel passes, William bids $16,586

Showcase #2:

Time capsule opened in the 26th Century:
Trip to New Orleans
Gold tea service from Michael C. Fina
Stereo system from Kenwood
Chevrolet Camaro

Daniel bids $32,000

William bid $16,586, ARP is $14,090 OVER
Daniel bid $32,000, ARP is $25,465 OVER