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Another Kennedy episode
« on: November 29, 2014, 10:34:46 PM »
Here's one I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Janet, Judy, Frank, and Kathleen come on down

IUFB #1: VCR and monitor

Janet: $1,500
Judy: $1,400
Frank: $2,250
Kathleen: $800

ARP: $1,510

Janet wins and will play Double Prices for a Dodge Aries station wagon

$10,985 or $12,139? Chooses $10,985 LOSS

Irby comes on down

IUFB #2: Microwave range from Tappan

Irby: $1,250
Judy: $800
Frank: $1,100
Kathleen: $1,275

ARP: $1,000

Judy wins and will play Plinko for up to $25,000

1st prize: Cutlery set from Lifetime, wrong price is $87, chooses 8, price is $80
2nd prize: Wok set from Taylor and ?, wrong price is $74, chooses 4, price is $34
3rd prize: Blender from Oster, wrong price is $94, chooses 4, price is $64
4th prize: Spice rack from Colonial Design, wrong price is $12, chooses 2, price is $42

Wins 5 chips

1st chip: Lands in $0
2nd chip: Lands in $0 (the chip gets stuck twice)
3rd chip: Lands in $0
4th chip: Lands in $0 (the chip gets stuck)
5th chip: Lands in $5,000

Wins $5,000

Lisa comes on down

Item #3: Backgammon table and chairs

Lisa: $950
Frank: $625
Kathleen: $1,000
Irby: $700

ARP: $1,500

Kathleen wins and will play Danger Price for a lawn mower from Cub Cadet, daybed, dinette set from Chromcraft, and a dishwasher from Whirlpool

Danger price is $1,245

First choice: Dishwasher, is $489
Second choice: Lawn mower, is $385
Third choice: Daybed, is $1,018 WIN


Top winner: Judy
Runner up: Kathleen

Showcase #1:

Prizes for the first-class golfer:
Trip to Monterey
Set of golf clubs from Ping
Golf cart from E-Z Go
Trip to Scotland

Judy passes, Kathleen bids $8,500

Showcase #2:

Brass étagère from Swan Brass Beds
Living room furniture from Benchcraft
Carpeting from World Carpets
Chevrolet Corvette

Judy bids $19,500

Judy bid $19,500, ARP is $32,378, difference is $12,878
Kathleen bid $8,500, ARP is $9,663, difference is $1,163

Kathleen wins a total of $14,280

Not much special about this show since no cars were won. But the prizes and games were nice, the contestants were interesting, and a funny moment in Plinko.

Double Prices: Ugh. $10,985 looked more logical than $12,139, even though the car was pretty loaded. They should have played a regular car game for such a pricey car, like One Away or Deluxe Dice Game.
Plinko: Very strange, yet funny, playing. Four chips land in 0, two chips get stuck--one twice--and to top it off, the last chip lands in $5,000. Nevertheless, I liked Judy and was glad she won some money, let alone $5,000.
Danger Price: Relatively easy. Dinettes tend to be a bit pricey.
Showcases: Even though the other showcase contained a Corvette, I preferred the first showcase better.

Just how many microwave ranges were offered during this time period? Seems like there was one offered in every show, both nighttime and daytime.
*Sigh* And another bad bid on a Corvette showcase. Did anyone ever win a Corvette in this version?

Overall, an OK show.
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