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Nov. 1957 nighttime show recap
« on: May 27, 2006, 04:43:13 PM »
Don Pardo: Tonight, these four people meet to compete for the prizes of a lifetime on... (fanfare from "Sixth Finger Tune") The Price Is Right, presented by Speidel, makers of watchbands for him or her, Speidel photo idents and Speidel cufflinks and tieclip sets. And now, your host on The Price Is Right...Bill Cullen!

Bill comes out to applause and informs viewers that this week will be the last look of the current home sweepstakes. The contestants:

Pauline Rice, a housewife from Belton S C, is returning champion, having won $20,038 in her past two appearances. Mrs. Rice says that her neighborhood school put off their PTA meeting a half hour in order to see her on the show.

George Forget (pronounced for-ZHAY) is retired and lives in Ft. Inglewood N J. He had worked for the post office since 1903.

Joyce Svoboda is a housewife from Puma LA. Her husband was a defensive end for the New York Giants.

John Maziarz is a draftsman from Ludlow MA.

In front of all contestants is a gift pack from Speidel. Bill explains the rules, and the first item up for bids is shown: A culture bed from Norman Dyne sleep centers, a single-unit piece of two beds facing each other joined to a utility table. The mattresses are by Simmons.

Mrs. Rice opens the bidding:
(*--frozen bid; [bz]--last bid buzzer)
-------200 -------250 -------275 -------300
-------325 -------385 -------400 -------425 [bz]
-----* 450 -----* 465 -----* 400 -----* 425

Actual retail value: $1033, with Mr. Forget the winner. He hit the bonus bell, and he also wins a complete set of the Random House regular modern library plus (for a laugh from the audience) his and hers hot water bottles! Bill tells us and Mr. Forget that the bed will be delivered to his home by Allied Van Lines.

Second item: sterling silver tea service by Luntz, six pieces made completely of silver.

Mr. Forget starts, with bids asked to be $100 over the preceding top:
---------- -------400 -------800 -------900
------1000 ------1100 ------1200 [bz]---* 1450
----* 1600 ----* 1700 ----* 1200

Actual retail value: $2575, with Mr. Forget winning again.

The final look at the current home sweepstakes is shown. The items:

* - A XK-150 Jaguar coupe
* - Remington Sportsman 50 shotgun
* - A Golden retriever
* - A speedboat from Owens Yacht Company
* - A Puritan sports shirt
* - Binoculars
* - Trip to Switzerland for two via Sabena airlines

Third item: A complete home laundry, consisting of an RCA Whirlpool washer and gas dryer, and an automatic ironer.

Mrs. Svoboda opens the bidding, and it's a one-bid item:
---------- ---------- ------* 750 ------* 975
-----* 800 -----* 780

Actual retail value: $989.85, with Mr. Maziarz the winner, and he hit the bonus bell. He wins a collection of sheets and pillow cases from Dan River Mills and a bathtub that was being demonstrated by one of the models, who was immersed in soap bubbles! The tub is by Crane.

Final item: A 1958 Chrysler New Yorker Town and Country Station Wagon, equipped with automatic transmission. Bidding on the New Yorker at its F.O.B. delivered price, point of entry New York City.

Mr. Maziarz opens with bids asked to be at least $100 over the previous top:
----------- ---------- ----------- ------2000
-------2200 ------2800 -------3800 ------4000
-------4250 ------4600 -------4750 ------4850
-----* 4250 [bz]----* 4975 -----* 4750 -----* 5100

Actual retail value: $5430.30, with Mr. Maziarz the winner.

Final scores:
Mrs Rice: $0 (but she won big previously)
Mr. Forget - $4101
Mrs. Svoboda - $0 (she gets a Polaroid Land camera)
Mr. Maziarz: - $7301

Mr. Maziarz is the new champion and will return next week to defend.
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