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An Open Recap Discussion
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:57:01 PM »

For those who have or have not noticed, the recap got a major face lift on Monday, December 8. If you look at from where we started at the beginning of Season 41 with the image-based recaps, I would say this would be closer to the final result we intended with this recap, now that we have fonts and fixed podiums and the various others adjustments we made.

The intent is this thread is to open a discussion over quality control (not involving my spelling, mistakes or typos.) I usually ask posters their opinion with those I have closer contact with (about 20 of them), but I'd like to use this as an opportunity to open with the whole community. My suggestions is bring up things we should change or look into. Be civil, don't insult other suggestions, but I would like to hear others suggestions.

Having the benefit of this new looking recap opens the door to make changes based on what should've been the final product in Season 41. I am all ears and I am usually willing to change things if there is a reason.

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