Author Topic: RPG 2/26/15 -- The $373,000 Play-Along V Edition  (Read 939 times)

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RPG 2/26/15 -- The $373,000 Play-Along V Edition
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:01:35 PM »
PLEASE DON'T FORGET that tomorrow's episode does not come from the same production week as the rest of this week's episodes.

And PLEASE DON'T FORGET to mark your Play-Along games.
Well, this week was supposed to be a return to normalcy, but that's clearly not allowed.  Since you feel there is no need for this week's FPG to continue, I feel there is no need to continue as an FPG host or a member.  Since most people are so desperate to push me out of here, why delay it?  I would have preferred that everybody publicly admitted it rather than string me along for the last two days, but it is what it is.  I am hereby resigning as FPG host and moderator, effective immediately.  whammy007 is the new permanent host.  No R-rated rant or airing of grievances from me.  Just a polite "goodbye for good".

--Fireball to Chelsea, 1/15/16