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Price is Right #0112D - Airdate November 14, 1972

(Recapper's Note: If our historical records are accurate, this show was the second one taped during an IBEW technicians' strike, which means non-union staffers were operating the cameras. Even with a four-hour rehearsal before taping began, the quality of the camera work is much poorer. Thankfully, the gameplay is largely unaffected by this.)

"From Television City in Hollywood, a fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Armoire (Broyhill, from the Spanero collection)

As is normal procedure, the first bid of the day comes from Position 1, at the left of Contestants' Row.

Linda: $240
Marilyn: $300
Rosalind: $350
Diana: $275

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ! All have overbid, and must go lower than $240.

Linda: $195
Marilyn: $200
Rosalind: $215
Diana: $259 (which is NOT lower than $240, and Bob should have caught this!)

ARP: $200

That $259 bid ends up being moot anyway, as Marilyn has bid perfectly! She won't get a $100 bonus for that bid (because that was not established till Season 5), but she will come up onto the turntable to play the Grocery Game, where she can win a color TV/stereo combination (Teledyne Packard Bell's Del Prado 25-inch model) valued at $950!

TODAY'S GROCERY ITEMS: Friskies Sauce Cubes pet food (small bag), Nestle sugar cookie mix (one box), Rice-a-Roni (chicken flavor, one box), McCormick Schilling Bag 'n' Season meatloaf seasoning kit, and Kikkoman soy sauce (small bottle)

Marilyn will need to buy between $6.75 and $7 of these groceries in some combination in order to win the color TV/stereo.

Marilyn first chooses to buy five bags of the Friskies pet food. Each bag is 75 cents, starting her off with $3.75 on the register.

Next, she wants seven boxes of Rice-a-Roni. One box is 39 cents, so seven is a value of $2.73, putting her all the way up to $6.48.

Marilyn thinks she can win out with one box of cookie mix. It's 49 cents, and her total is now... $6.97! She's done it!


Marilyn's Winnings: $1,150


IUFB #2: Freezer (Gibson 15-cubic-foot model)

This time, the bidding begins with Position 2 and ends with Linda at Position 1.

Paula: $329
Rosalind: $400
Diana: $395 (a 5-down? I don't expect that to work...)
Linda: $425

ARP: $378

Paula, dubbed the Human Pogo Stick by Bob, wastes no time in hopping in and out of Contestants' Row, and she gets to play the big game of the day - it's Five Price Tags, where she can win a 1973 Chevrolet Nova six-cylinder coupe (exterior decor, wheel covers, and white-striped tires)!

After a brief look at the price tags, they're whisked away and we begin the true-or-false part of the game, where Paula can earn up to four picks of those price tags.

SMALL PRIZE #1: Northern king-sized dual-control electric blanket

The price given is $86. Paula thinks that price is FALSE, and when we see the correct price of $77, we know that it is indeed FALSE.

SMALL PRIZE #2: Eureka portable hand vacuum

Here, the given price is $35. Paula decides that is TRUE, and it is TRUE! She takes the $35 vacuum and her second choice of the price tags.

SMALL PRIZE #3: Ryco Howler electronic bicycle lock

Bob reveals a price of $9 this time. Paula goes with FALSE, and the correct price is $13... it is FALSE! She's three for three so far.

SMALL PRIZE #4: General Electric Spray, Steam, and Dry iron

Paula sees a $22 price tag for this last item. She goes with TRUE, and once Bob pulls the tag, we see $22 and TRUE!

Paula has won all four small prizes and the maximum of four choices of the five price tags for the Chevy Nova. We bring them back into view, and they are...


Paula's first choice is $2727. Is that a winner... NO.

Second, she wants $2684. Can we give her the car on this pick... NO.

Her third selection is $2593. We want to see the right price... NO.

Paula's fourth and final pick is $2661. Behind that tag is... an orange tag saying $2661!


Paula's Winnings: $3,186


IUFB #3: Barbecue (Charmglow gas grill)

The second spot is hot, so again we begin at Position 2 and finish at Position 1 with Linda.

Rosie: $249
Roaslind: $150
Diana: $298
Linda: $120 (I really doubt it's that cheap...)

ARP: $312

Diana escapes Contestants' Row at the last possible moment, making her way to the Giant Price Tag. It will be lifted out of the way to reveal her game, Double Prices, in which she can win a billiard table (Brunswick's Dunham home model)!

That billiard table could be either $695 or $735 in price. Diana decides that the single correct price for the prize is $695.



Diana's Winnings: $1,007



All three ladies that came on stage today were winners, but only two can play for the showcases, which leaves Diana out in the cold. Paula, winner of the Chevy Nova in Five Price Tags, is our top winner with the choice of showcases, while Marilyn stands in as the runner-up.

Trip to Europe (two people RT economy from LA to London, Paris, and Rome, 15 days total)
Luggage (Leeds Urbanite six-piece ensemble)
Motorcycle (Suzuki Rover, with 88cc two-stroke engine and high-flotation tires)

Paula wants a vacation, so she bids $3,250 on this showcase and leaves Marilyn the unseen second one.

Popcorn (one case of TV Time popcorn)
Chevrolet Vega Camback Wagon (bucket seats, front disc brakes, white-striped tires, body side molding, Powerglide transmission, and power steering)
Movie Camera and Projector (Argus Cosina camera and Super 8 projector, cases included)

Marilyn bids $2,000 on this showcase, leaving the audience groaning.

Marilyn (SC2 - CAR): Bid of $2,000 - ARP is $2,990 - Difference of $990
Paula (SC1 - TRIP): Bid of $3,250 - ARP is $1,849 - OVER by $1,401

Marilyn bid conservatively on her showcase, but she's the big winner, with a total of $4,140 in prizes on the day!



RECORD: 3/3!


BIGGEST WINNER: Marilyn ($4,140)

"Stay tuned for Gambit next, over most of these CBS stations!"