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#0114D - November 16, 1972 (Slightly Spoiled Perfection)
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Price is Right #0114D - Airdate November 16, 1972

(Recapper's Note: This is another episode from the first week of shows taped during the IBEW strike. The camera work is somewhat improved from the Tuesday show I previously recapped, but still subpar compared to the normal crew. Seems like the extra rehearsal time is starting to pay off...)

"From Television City in Hollywood, a fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today, if they know when... The Price Is Right!"


IUFB #1: Sofa Bed (Barker Bros. queen-size sleeper)

As is standard procedure, the first bid of the day begins at Position 1, at the left of Contestants' Row.

Blanche: $375
Colleen: $425
Charlene: $376 (after attempting to rebid $375)
Lynn: $176

ARP: $350

Lynn keeps the group from having to dive and wins her way up on stage for the first pricing game of the day... and it's the big game of the day, Any Number, for a chance to win either the random cash in the piggy bank, a riding lawn mower (Davis Commando, 32-inch cut, pneumatic tires), or a 1973 Chevrolet Vega sedan (white-striped tires, power steering, Powerglide transmission, and mirror)!

Each number, zero through nine, appears once on the board. There are four numbers in the price of the car, three numbers in the price of the riding mower, and the remaining three make up the piggy bank in dollars and cents.

PICK #1: 2 - CAR - $2,XXX
PICK #3: 4 - CAR - $2,4XX
PICK #4: 9 - CAR - $2,4X9
PICK #5: 8 - CAR - $2,489

Lynn plays the game well, only misplacing one digit before lighting up the entire price of the car!



Lynn's Winnings: $2,839


IUFB #2: Dishwasher (Roper Deluxe dual-jet model)

Since Lynn won her way out from Position 4 last time, the newly-called Fred takes that spot and will have the first bid on the dishwasher.

Fred: $290
Blanche: $265
Colleen: $225
Charlene: $230 (at least she didn't repeat someone else's bid this time)

ARP: $250

Charlene chose to five-up Colleen at the right time, and she's up onto the turntable to play the Bonus Game for a fur coat (China mink with fox borders, provided by Harry Brown Furs) valued at $1,000!

(Recapper's Note: Yep, a fur coat, ladies and gentlemen! And yet this episode somehow managed to get rebroadcast on Game Show Network back in the day... nobody's really sure how.)

One of the four windows on the board conceals the bonus. Charlene will need to gain control of as many windows as she can by winning the small prizes.

SMALL PRIZE #1: Five-piece set of Princess Gardner purses/accessories, from the Torino collection

Those purses are NOT $42. Charlene thinks their correct retail price is LOWER than that. It actually is $31, so she's won the purses and control of the first window.

SMALL PRIZE #2: Schick hair styling dryer

$28 is the wrong price here. Charlene guesses HIGHER this time, disagreeing with the audience. She should have listened to them, as the right price was only $25.

SMALL PRIZE #3: Sears Kenmore electric fry pan, with DuPont Teflon coating

We know the price is not $18. We hope, as Charlene does, that the right price is HIGHER. Bob flips the card to show $24, so she wins the fry pan and takes control of the third window.

SMALL PRIZE #4: Five pairs of Haggar double-knit slacks

Here, we're presented a wrong price of $87. Charlene's final guess is HIGHER, and that's the right guess! Those $100 slacks are hers, as is the fourth window. Only the second window could possibly lead to a loss here...

LOCATION OF THE BONUS: Window #1 (with the purses)


Charlene's Winnings: $1,405


IUFB #3: Cookware (Le Creuset cast-iron set)

Ermal is the last player to be called down this show. She takes over the recently vacated Position 3 and will bid first on the cookware.

Ermal: $160
Fred: $125 (probably just trying not to embarrass himself too badly)
Blanche: $175
Colleen: $180

ARP: $311

Colleen takes a page from Charlene's book, winning her way up to the stage with a five-up bid. Her game is going to be Mo$t Expen$ive, where she will have a chance to win a minibike (Honda QA50, two-speed automatic), a range (Tappan double-oven electric), and a cleaning system (Wal-Vac, including accessories)!

Colleen can win all three of these prizes as long as she correctly identifies which one is the most expensive of the trio.

COLLEEN'S PICK: #2 (the range)


If the price of the range is more than $248, Colleen will be a winner...

PRICE OF #2 (RANGE): $350


Colleen's Winnings: $1,098



Beyond all doubt, Lynn is the top winner, having claimed the car in Any Number. The fur coat from Bonus Game was worth more than the array of prizes in Mo$t Expen$ive, so Charlene will be our runner-up.

Chicken (one "barrel" of KFC)
Camping Equipment (King Seeley Thermos Co., includes tent, cooler, jug, sports kit, and two sleeping bags)
Volkswagen Super Beetle (rear window defogger, energy-absorbing steering wheel, full carpeting, AM radio, leatherine interior, air conditioning)

Lynn elects to be charitable and pass to Charlene, who bids $3,100 on it.

Diet Soda (200 cans of Shasta)
Outdoor Furniture (Birmingham Ornamental Iron Co., includes table, four armchairs, and barbecue wagon)
Living Room (Broyhill, from the Jamestown collection, includes sofa, matching chair, and swivel rocker)
Adhesive (an assortment of Home Safe mending agents)
Color Television (Admiral Brasilia 25-inch model)

Lynn must now bid on this showcase, and her bid is $2,250.

Lynn (SC2 - LIVING ROOM): Bid of $2,250 - ARP is $1,898 - OVER by $352
Charlene (SC1 - CAR): Bid of $3,100 - ARP is $2,934 - OVER by $166

Both ladies came near the actual retail prices of their showcases, but both were unfortunately over. However, all three stage players won pricing games, so everyone can still go home happy.



RECORD: 3/3!


BIGGEST WINNER: Lynn ($2,839)

"Stay tuned for Gambit next, over most of these CBS stations!"