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Apologies for the interruption in your game. Please continue.

Before we continue, I would like to point out that Chelsea locked down the HYO section for 90 days due to long periods of inactivity. Therefore, I could not update the progress on my show, which was the only one going on at that point. However, I am now allowed to continue, and Cool Steve has 48 hours to give me his guess.

Also, a memo to all my fellow HYO hosts: If we are to prevent this from ever happening again, we need to submit our scripts to Jordanar18 so he can give us the green light. Not only that, but we need to have a continuous string of at least one show in progress, preferably two, since that's the maximum number of concurrent shows that's allowed anyway. Thanks for reading.

And now, back to the show...

Mr. Weatherman:
I've seen some pretty absurd things in the short two years I've been a member here, but the HYO section being shut down due to limited activity, with an active show in progress, is probably one of the most bizarre things I have witnessed. I would love to host another show. I'm just too busy at the moment, as I'm sure others are, too. This is summer, after all, so limited activity on a site as a whole is to be expected this section included. If the decision was made to bring attention to the ongoing inactivity, then Jordan, as moderator of this section, should encourage more people to participate. But with a show in progress, he probably didn't deem it essential, and understandably so. Regardless, that would have been the more appropriate first step to take before shutting down the entire section altogether, which shoudn't be done at all without at least some input from the forum members before doing so. I'm happy to see this decision was reversed, but in the future, warn us, first. Someone. Please. Thank you.

Let's be honest here, Renty, I give you full marks for effort and wanting to improve. I really do, that's fantastic, and I wish more members had that drive. However...

The idea of shutting the section down is and was my idea, for a reason that isn't public yet, but I will say it more or less invalidates some of your (and Teddy's) points. Obviously, it's not known yet, so I'd never hold that against anyone's validity of points, because it's fair to say so otherwise. Thrasher and I discussed this on Facebook the other day. As I understand it, the decision isn't likely to be reversed, despite the notice; this likely is the last show for this section/site. This one's the grand finale of them all here, Teddy; make it a good one.

Furthermore, the vast majority does not want to admit it, but this site is dead. Talking with a select group of intell affiliated with various game show pages, we think this section is done, CSS will be soon, and another big one is in serious jeopardy. This site is all but done. And frankly, there's not much that can be done about that, no matter if I take/purchase it from Marc, as I've been trying to do so, for the past year or so.

We really are at the end of the Golden-Road here, folks. There's no rainbow here. Shop is closing up in countless ways. Hell, BAV is going to have that happen soon too, I know and admit this. It's just part of the lifecycle of a business; in this case a website. We're at the dead end of maturity, almost crossing into death, forget rebirth. I tried there with Mike Richards, no response.

Somebody move this, please, starting with Teddy's post. This is a vital topic, and I think it needs to be addressed by an at-large audience of the site.


--- Quote from: Prizes on August 13, 2015, 02:40:12 PM ---post

--- End quote ---

If no one else is going to come out and say it, I will:  I was happy to see the notice that this section was being closed down, if only for two reasons:
1)  I get tired of seeing nothing but new posts in the HYO section when I look down at the bottom of the page; I want to know what real discussions are going on
2)  It eliminates a major draw to this site for trolls

There, I've said it.  I feel better.


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