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Literally one click from the main forum index. 

I don't mind the new font so much, so long as there is consistency, and kerning is less an issue, as should be our priorities, of function over form (forum?), to re-create an effective site business model.

The colors, you know my thoughts on these Chelsea, I think they're awesome; a great mix of kind of an 80s look, while adding some modern eye capture glam. Excellent work.

--- Quote from: therealcu2010 on August 30, 2015, 03:25:49 PM ---As for the plugins...I'm in the middle. Yes, they're cool, but they seem to take up an incredible amount of valuable real estate on my screen, and it seems that there's a lot of room for potential abuse with them. Maybe that's just the moderator in me talking, though. :)

--- End quote ---

Plug-ins are generally great for a site, and I'm glad to see this, as it helps connect with a metaphorical outside world. However, as CU states, they have abuse potentially, badly, for people who think XYZ is huge news, when it really isn't, or already has a topic of its own. These will require a heavy eye, and perhaps a limit of how many can be placed in a post, as a function of a rule, just to ensure that this does not happen.

Co-sign that they seem a bit big; Drew's photo from Peru is slightly longer than the length of my 15" screen.

In conclusion, yeah, this is really good, but it also requires a bit of oversight that I hope all of us, as staff of this page can bring on a daily basis. While I liked the old theme, change can be good, and often welcomed and needed. With every action, there is a reaction. Let's do our share, and perhaps this, among other steps such as the Facebook page, will be seen as those that brought Golden-Road into the 2010s.

Just resolved it!  The FB and instagram photos are resizable by specifying the height and width of an image, in pixels

I quite like the new color scheme. The fonts are also fine, as well. :-)


--- Quote from: GuyWithFace on August 30, 2015, 08:24:30 PM ---I quite like the new color scheme. The fonts are also fine, as well. :-)

--- End quote ---



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