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The new features? Nice. I appreciate.

However...remember that moment where Phoebe saw Chandler and Monica start to do the nasty on Friends, and she screamed and went "My eyes!"? That's how I feel about this color scheme. I would post the YouTube video but it doesn't want to work.

It's much brightness going on, and things that I feel like don't even go well together. I apologize for my bluntness, but I HATE it.

Blue and green are not a bad combination IMO but I would say the colors could be a little more subtle.

I don't mind the new color scheme. I think we were due for a new one anyway, since we had the green background for quite a while, so I like this update. I agree with Unique on the brightness, though. Perhaps the white overlay on top of the blue background could be toned down a little.

I like the new Facebook and Instagram embed features, but I will third what UniquePerspective said, maybe one color should be toned down so that it doesn't stand out from the others.

I'm actually OK with the new Facebook and Instagram features. The color scheme doesn't matter too much with me...I can take it or leave it. Although, one was needed.


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