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Non-Readout Day in Chat, Part Two: 11/9/15

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It's coming back! This time with no FPG to distract folks, it's time to really buckle down and discuss the show. By admin Chelsea's request of day/availability, who is expected to be in the chat that day. Hope you can enjoy the day as much as I do! :)

As suggested, this needed some more advance notice for a number of reasons, namely the recap, compared to Friday's effort, so here said notice is.


--- Quote ---This is only an experiment, and only for one show. You will be okay. It also means this is final. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Complaining will get you literally nowhere, because it will be back to the modern chat as of Monday.
--- End quote ---


As recently as 2014 I relied on the readouts in the chat room to follow along with the show when I used an unreliable feed to watch the show. Streams cut in and out, shut down due to cease-and-desist letters, and consistently run anywhere between 10 seconds and over a minute behind the standard television broadcast of the show. When a readout occurred, this allowed someone to play along from home by understanding what prizes the show offered, and it generated discussion by having a "hard copy" of the game/setup to refer back to once it aired for those without a DVR or other recording device.

As the primary reader this season in the chat, it helps me tremendously to save a chat log and just write down everything I reported before. The advantage of using the chat room relies in instances where I might miss a detail (an unmentioned brand name, a typo in the price, etc.) which other users help with greatly ... perhaps providing insight toward a "historic moment" or something of the like. Requiring corroboration between a Word document and the slim chance someone mentioned something worthwhile in the chat room - an occurrence less likely due to these exclusionary factors - seems completely unnecessary.

Another reason why chat readouts help more than hurt? Pre-emptions. Remember how annoying premiere week ended up due to the Pope visiting for three days? Granted, that was national, but how many times this season alone have users experienced local pre-emptions due to governmental affairs, local disasters, weather prompts and the like? To prevent a user from truly keeping up with the show due to matters out of their control seems like a terrible side effect of this project's intent of "slimming down the chat by a handful of members".

This also exemplifies east coast bias in the chat room. I realize a majority of the moderators (myself included) live on the east coast, so we receive the program before the other time zones in the country (not to mention our international users such as brosa0 and Samhodkin). Don't live in the correct time zone? Can't find a feed? Too bad.

Friday's chat room consisted of nothing but FPG talk and what games could possibly appear as the show progressed; without that game to generate discussion, the chatroom remained relatively lifeless. For someone who proclaimed that the site is dying, a maneuver to make the chat room more exclusionary seems a bit ridiculous, and I fully disagree with the decision.

The decision to have another non-readout day in chat doesn't irk me all that much. To go through with this the day before the next show airs does. At the very worst, an advanced warning for a future show would have been nice and would have opened the floor for anyone to defend or oppose the action. Breaking a promise to return to normal on Monday when it already happened this past Friday throws any kind of discussion out the window.


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