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Non-Readout Day in Chat, Part Two: 11/9/15

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I cosign with the above posters. Prizes, this is rather out-of-character for you, as from what I have seen you are not the kind of person who breaks promises without sufficient reason or goes back on her word.

The fact you have done these is alone not entirely noteworthy, although they remain somewhat disappointing. However, you are also someone who has noted that the site is dying, and (I believe) has attempted to steer the ship away from that particular iceberg. As Torgo noted...

--- Quote from: Torgo on November 08, 2015, 11:36:12 AM ---Friday's chat room consisted of nothing but FPG talk and what games could possibly appear as the show progressed; without that game to generate discussion, the chatroom remained relatively lifeless. For someone who proclaimed that the site is dying, a maneuver to make the chat room more exclusionary seems a bit ridiculous,
--- End quote ---
Indeed. There is very little to discuss without a readout to spur discussion. All this is rather odd, as well, given that Prizes is one of the people who revitalized the Buy A Vowel boards some time ago.


--- Quote from: PatrickRox80 on November 08, 2015, 01:08:30 PM ---The decision to have another non-readout day in chat doesn't irk me all that much. To go through with this the day before the next show airs does. At the very worst, an advanced warning for a future show would have been nice and would have opened the floor for anyone to defend or oppose the action. Breaking a promise to return to normal on Monday when it already happened this past Friday throws any kind of discussion out the window.

--- End quote ---

This pretty much sums up my feelings. I actually liked Non-Readout Day and wouldn't mind if it became an occasional thing...but not right away.

Please read my original post first before you attack me. Rather surprised at this reaction, not because of the no readouts again, but comprehension concerns.

--- Quote from: Prizes on November 08, 2015, 03:51:37 AM ---By admin Chelsea's request of day/availability, who is expected to be in the chat that day.

--- End quote ---

Furthermore, here's a chat log from the 7th. Should be said on my end before you read, as Guint and I have discussed before, my idea of soon was to be around Thanksgiving day, for a time when there would be a fair share of people.

Me: That's cool. We can always try this again on a Monday, as to avoid the FPG statistical logjam. Would be happy to try one then with you in the chat, sooner than later.

Chelsea: I'm off on Mondays 90% of the time.

Me: Gotcha. So yeah, that'd make sense for the site as whole. I mean, obviously subject to change, based upon your schedule, but what about doing another one soon, when you can attend?
FWIW, I saved the log today, if you're interested, for future use (if at all) -link snip-

Chelsea: Any interest in doing a 2nd show in a row and doing it Monday?

Me: YES. Absolutely. We'd have adequate promo time then, as well.

Thrasher: As long as I remember, I will be in chat on Monday. And I'm setting multiple reminders, because I wanna be there.


--- Quote from: Prizes on November 08, 2015, 08:25:04 PM ---Please read my original post first before you attack me. Rather surprised at this reaction, not because of the no readouts again, but comprehension concerns.
--- End quote ---
You are quite correct, madam. I should not have blamed you.

I humbly apologize for my rashness.

No-readout day returning for Monday's show is 100% me. After getting both compliments and complaints about the first one, I wanted to see another play out, this one in person. Figured while the issue was still fresh. Didn't want time to elapse and "oh, hey, boom here it is again".  If there's criticism, I wanna hear it. If there's compliments or praise, I want to hear it.

The reason I'm so intrigued by the idea is it's the first *new* thing that's been tried around here in a while, and I like new ideas.  If there are things with the site that you'd like to see redone, or have shifted around, now would be a spectacular time to voice it. Preferably publcly, privately if you prefer  Nothing's sacred.

Also: If anyone here ever needs anything regarding the site, the fastest way is to email me or find me on social media., and social media is linked via my profile.  I'm increasing my involvement level first and foremost, but I'm still a workaholic who has an electric bill, rent, and car payment to pay for.

The "no readout" idea was an interesting one, remembering how the readout started in the first place, and I wanted to see it in it's actual implementation. 


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