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I apologize in advance if this topic has been brought up before. But there are way too many topics in this forum for me to search for it. Okay, I'm lazy.

Be that as it may. I'm having an argument with a friend of mine. She says The Wheel has always existed. I say Not So. Didn't there use to be a time where the top winners of each half automatically went through to the Showcase?

There's a steak dinner riding on this. And I know of only one site that knows the true answer. So help me out to a free steak.  :-D

The Big Wheel:
The "Showcase Showdown" version of the show premiered when the show went to an hour in 1975.  Before that time, the two top winners of the three games played advanced to the showcase and there was no wheel used.

THAT'S IT!!!! Thanks BW. Of course you know, this only wins me half a steak. Ah the hell with it. LOL

The Big Wheel:
Hey, a half-steak is better than a no-steak!  :lol:

Just a tip here: if you've tried searching on this site for an answer to a question like this and can't find any discussion on it, keep in mind we haven't been here too long.  Try the old site, because after three years there chances are it has been discussed, and depending on the subject, it could be many times.  Some around here like to bring up the same subjects over and over again...


--- Quote ---The Big Wheel wrote:
Some around here like to bring up the same subjects over and over again...
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When Penny Ante returns, should they increase the double showcase winning range to $500? Or will they do it on the next primetime specials?


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