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I've been receiving some messages over the past few days indicating that the discussion on this site has gotten out of hand. From fighting in the FPG, to a CSS host "ragequitting", to trolling, to member belittlement (which has always been my pet peeve). It's time to on the breaks.

I understand that moderation on this site has been at a minimum, and I don't see that changing. This forum & the chat room both need to run on autopilot, with minimal supervision, and without the BS discussed above. If the members who choose to post here cannot make this happen, then the next step will be to shut down new discussion and largely keep the site up for the pictures and the FAQs.

My intent isn't to make this message sound like a threat. My intent is to remind you that I have always felt that it is YOU that drives the direction of this site. Please continue driving in a direction that represents the qualities that John and I have always tried to instill. Please don't drive the car into a wall. Just do the right thing, and treat each other with respect.

Well said Marc.  Respect seems like such a simple concept in theory, yet sometimes we all struggle with it. 

I forget who said it awhile back, but as another member pointed out during a rather heated thread, watching and discussing TPiR is ultimately a distraction and an escape for all of us.  We already have enough to worry about in our day-to-day lives, why stir up drama over a harmless daytime game show?

I hate to see members leave under any circumstances, and especially longtime members, but I hope things are going to get better. TPIR is a game show, no doubt a special game show, but still just a game show. FPG and CCS are just for fun games that we play. Let's not fall apart on a site that should bring fans of TPIR together.

I totally concur. I came to this forum because there are members who share the love of TPIR as much as I do. I also really hate to see members, especially longtime ones, who decided to leave here because of God knows what. I even also agree that there is too much going on in the world right now for us to go ballistic on each other over a game show, even one such as TPIR.

At the end of the day, it's all about respect and that's something we need to show one another.

Mr. Weatherman:
Never lose sight of the fact that each and every one of us is a real person communicating with other real people. I largely blame social media for the degrading of discussions across the Internet over the past several years. It's so easy to get into a flame war with a complete stranger over the stupidest of things, and that same attitude is finding its way into sites like these that are meant for leisure and sharing of ideas of common interest -- not furthering the spread of viral hate and ignorance.

On that same note, this isn't a "job." A job, for all intents and purposes, generally involves a certain amount of labor you get paid for. Having a role on this site, whether it be the host of a game or otherwise, is a virtual position designed to run said game. It may require some of your time, yes. But if you find yourself no longer able to meet your "obligations," then alert the admin(s) who put you in charge and let your players know you have to step down. Same goes if you need a break from the site or otherwise, although the quality of your experience here should never get to that point in the first place, for the reasons I stated above.

Marc, it's nice to see you speak on the issues that have been plaguing this site lately. I want to see this place turn back around and return to the great haven it once was for discussion related to The Price is Right. These little pockets of disrespect towards one another that exist between some of you have to stop. I was recently promoted to moderator, and if I see a thread begin to go south with members belittling each other, I won't hesitate to lock the thread and report what's going on directly to an admin who can take further actions, if necessary. It should never come to that, but we (as a whole) need to get our act together. We're better than the BS that's been on display lately. Far better.


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