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I was kind of scared. I thought Chelsea had stepped down as admin when I saw just a normal rank, but then I saw it was just to add a new rank. :P

I hope for the best for the site! Always enjoyed looking at the discussion since before I registered, and still do now. Keep it up!

You know, I just got to seeing this thread--and as such, I feel the need to respond as well.

Tonight marks the tenth anniversary of my joining this site (for the record, I joined on January 27, 2006), and throughout the past ten years, I've had my fair share of good and bad moments.  I've seen members be banned, but I've seen others do quite well--including getting that twirling gold star thingy that I've strived to get myself for five years (and eleven tapings).  In recent months, I've been merely a lurker, watching as some members continued the infighting amongst themselves and several long-standing folks make their departure, and quite frankly it just ain't right--not to me, not to us, and CERTAINLY not to those folks who worked for the show (as a page and so on), who've been awesome enough to donate their time and patience to come here so they can share their stories (and secrets) with us.

I first joined this site ten years ago because I, like so many others that came in before me, am a fan of The Price is Right--always have been, and always will be.  But to hear about what's been going on in recent times just makes me sad--and I sincerely wish that people would just get along and enjoy the shows.  Instead of bashing each other's opinions when talking about how good or bad a 10 Chances playing was with over-the-top name-calling, we should just have fun talking about said playing as loyal friends and true.

Remember folks--and this is something I've learned from watching eleven live tapings--watching The Price is Right ain't just about analyzing the wins, the losses, the overbids, and the whatnot.  It's simply about having fun--enjoying yourself as you watch. 

Love y'all bunches! :mrgreen:

-John "GoldenBulldog" Gillmen


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