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Note About Chat; Browsing While Driving

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Within FlashChat, our site's chat software, all messages sent in Chat are logged for 24 hours, and available to administrators of the site as well as Associate Producers.  All messages, including messages sent via the chat software's "private message" function.  As such, although a very wide latitude has traditionally been given private messages that contain content in violation of site rules, conduct and behavior and messages that involve legal liabilities for the sender are and have been strictly prohibited, and users are still held accountable as such. 

Also, just to be direct: This site, it's games, the show: yeah, it's a great community, and if you're a devoted Price is Right fan, the CSS, FPG, etc can be great tests of knowledge and fun.  They aren't worth getting in a car accident for because those CSS bids just had to be submitted or the recap/play by play was just too can't miss.

Seriously, I love you guys, but don't be on the site if you're driving a vehicle. I've lost a loved one due to distracted driving, and I wouldn't wish that sense of loss on anyone, nor would I wish the guilt and shame for causing an injury or death if you wreck because you're too busy trying to send a PM to Wayoshi.

It's just a game.

If you've got something happening on (x day), it's okay. Life happens.  If you think trying to put in your CSS bids is more important than, say, school, you have much bigger problems.

Is this because I told whammy007 that I didn't send PA picks because I was driving? I meant that I didn't respond for nearly five hours after the PM because I got it while driving.

Not at all Torgo... I'll make it clear: rrf played CSS on Thursday while doing this and has been punished accordingly.

Drinking and driving.
Texting and driving. bidding and driving.

But how the heck does the staff find out that one's on the road while driving? What if a user is taking transit or in the passenger's seat of someone else's car?


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