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Game Show Marathon Ideas

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Seeing the TPIR installment of "Game Show Marathon" on CBS, it gave me a few ideas on types of celebrities who could play for charity on "Game Show Marathon":

1. Music Stars (Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, etc.)
2. Kid/Teen Show Stars (stars from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Shows-ex. Raven-Symone, Jamie Lynn Spears, Josh Peck, Ricky Ullman, etc.)
3. Professional Athletes (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.)
4. Pro wrestlers (however, the sets could wind up being destroyed).

[color=0000FF]Edit by Frank15:  I know the question itself wasn't really a spoiler that you asked, asking how we felt about tonight's show, but it's going to invite spoilers.  Let's just wait for an official recap.  Or an unofficial one, if Joe doesn't want to bother with the Game Show Marathon thingy.[/color]


--- Quote ---I think Ricki Lake did a good job, but I felt the talk was too long and more people should have gotten a chance. Oh, and they should bring back the 2-piece swimsuits on the Barker's Beauties.
--- End quote ---

I agree.

[color=0000FF]Edit by Frank15:  This isn't a spoiler thread, so let's not add any, please.[/color]

How about using civilan non-celebrities instead of celebrities?

Frank15: Oops, My Bad!  I forgot that the Game Show Marathon will be on at 8 PM PDT (10 CDT where I live).

Sorry about nearly spoiling the outcome. :-(

I liked it but i would like to see non-celebrities.


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