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Emergency Maintenance 5/8/17

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The site was moved to a brand new server at 7 PM on Monday night - the message board was already updated with the correct details, however, all other site features (the Golden Gallery, Chat, and FAQ) were non-functional.

As a result, the message board was placed into maintenance mode to prevent any changes to the site database while the rest of site functionality was restored. Once all site features were confirmed restored,  message board access was reinstated.

Apologies for the outage tonight you guys, but I have a feeling this will alleviate a substantial number of the site's issues with outages and slow-downs as  the site is being actively cared for once again by our webhost and outages should be hopefully minimal! :)

The chat has been terrible since this update - continually eating half if not over half of my messages when trying to submit (and I think this is going for everyone).

The main site has had problems too; I've been getting an Internal Server Error too often since the 'update'. Refreshing eventually works, but something has gone amiss with the servers since then.

Chat is just as bad.  I had to refresh several times before I could finally get back in

I couldn't even get into chat today, getting errors like "server.php" cannot be loaded.

Please fix...!


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