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Re: Article
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Maybe, but who before 1982 knew much if anything about Pat Sajak?  He turned out alright.

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Re: Article
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junkaholic95 wrote:
With the exception of Todd or John, I'd pick the real Madonna over any of those people. (to put it politely)  I voted for Todd myself, but I see I'm a member of a dying breed on that one.
<---- Even Shadow would be a stronger contender than some of those guys in my book and he's not even real.  (Then again, some of them are just as fake.)

I was more enthusiastic about Todd a few years ago than I am now. He's not my favorite, but I'd rank him ahead of the majority of the list to date.

You're right about Shadow, though. I certainly can't argue with that.


rob79 wrote:
If I had to choose any on that list it'd be John or Todd. Those other clowns aren't anything to write home about and GOOD GRIEF?!? What is America thinking??? This "so called,  ""Poll""" has "Slater" leading the pack. I'm glad it isn't up to America to choose a host.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who still calls him Slater. :-P


FieldsFan336 wrote:
My candidate wasn't up there, but I voted for Todd.  Madonna, are you still leaning towards Rich?

For all the horsing (pun intended?) around about pushing for Madonna to become the next host, I'm still seriously supporting Rich.

I still feel Rich would be the best choice available (especially since I don't think they've come anywhere near perfecting the Barkertron 3500).

As much as I love Madge, it wouldn't happen. She wouldn't be the right fit, she wouldn't give up recording and tour, and there's no way she'd be considered because we all know how much they hate editing episodes - and with her around, they would have to bleep or just plain edit out all sorts of naughty words she enjoys using.

Don't get me wrong. I like using those Madge words, too. And it takes lots of self-control to not use them here (and typing instead of just speaking helps).

Madonna is known for many things. At times, though, self-control is not one of them. :-P Heck, she couldn't even resist using those words and giving the crowd the one-finger salute during a concert she knew was being taped for NBC. There's no way she'd behave on Price, especially figuring she could say whatever she wanted and just make the producers/network censor her.

And, considering that Les Moonves had to deal with Howard Stern, there's no way he'd go for an encore.

I for one am curious what that poll would look like had Rich been on the list. I don't think Slater would be leading, personally.

Out of the choices on the list, I felt John was the best choice. But, yeah, if I had any say, I'd hire Rich.

Sadly, though, I have as much say on running TPIR as I do coaching the Rams. :-?
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