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Splitting the timeline up into individual sub-pages by season would be a rather good way to keep that from happening (I have a Nintendo 3DS and the sheer size of the page would make the browser give up on loading it, an issue shared with the browser on my desktop computer), regardless of whether it was/is the issue here.

It would also assist Mr. Gavazzi in editing and viewers in reading, as one very large page for every week of 46 seasons of a daily series is no doubt daunting for some. Splitting would also, potentially, allow for a timeline sub-page (or pages) on the 70s nighttime run.

So is there currently any way to view the timeline's content?


--- Quote from: TenPoundHammer on August 02, 2018, 02:31:24 AM ---So is there currently any way to view the timeline's content?

--- End quote ---

You can view it on the Internet Archive, but it only goes up to January 2016 and may not include information about older episodes that have been discovered since then.

If the FAQ can't be repaired as it stands now, has any consideration been given to porting the info on it to another site (maybe an add-on to the TPIRStats site)?

Well, hopefully something will be done sooner rather than later with regards to the timeline. I do like the idea of splitting each season up into its own sub-page like a few people have suggested.


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