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Updates and Maintenance 6/1/2018

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I'm on Opera, and having the same FAQ-related issues myself.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to look at the pages before this gets fixed, just replace "Main Page" in the address bar with the name of the page you want to look at (all 10 page titles are present as wikilinks in the source viewer).  You'll have to read them in the source viewer, but it's better than nothing.

Periodic outages tonight as I try to repair the FAQ

In case anyone's worried, the entire FAQ is backed up.  The Pricing Games section might take me a little while to cobble back together because I've been horrendously bad about archiving it, but all the content does exist.

The timeline gives me a blank page no matter what I do. I wonder if its sheer length is making the Wiki software choke? I know I had the same problem a while back with the WoF timeline and had to split it up into smaller pages.


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