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Spam email appearing from golden road

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Hey everyone! I didnít know where to post this but... I was checking my spam email folder and I noticed an email from Lol obviously fake and spam related but just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this is now happening!

How is an email from the person who created the site "spam"? What was the email subject?

Given the possibility that this may be an email address spoofing that of Marc, I would suggest to, if possible, select "view email source" or the like. This would allow you to view the contents of the email without actually opening it (which would put your device at risk, should it legitimately be spam or a virus).

Spoofing, yes. Thatís exactly right. There was no subject but my email system flagged it as spam. I just wanted to give all of us notice.

I have been getting spoof e-mail addresses from here lately, only it is from someone named "Steven"...

I can take a guess. The name appears as "", but the real address is something weird. Apparently capitalizing the first letter is common for spam.


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