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Quick explanation of what happened this week


Roadgeek Adam:
So, basically, this week has been a nightmare. My father and I had to go to Florida to help my uncle clean out my grandmother's condo in Florida. We drove down and drove back. On the way back, the transmission in our car went kaput in rural North Carolina.  We just spent 28 hours in NC because my father had to buy a new car due to related issues and stay the night in North Carolina getting things sorted out, which is why I couldn't do today's recap.

We are finally home and I'll be ready for the Friday show. That said, I don't think it's fair to keep you in the dark for why I couldn't do this job. I promised when I took the job six seasons ago of transparency. I thank WP788 for his hard work in my absence.

- Adam.

Yikes! A nightmare indeed. Glad to know you're all alive and well!


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