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Is it time to give HYO another try?

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--- Quote from: EvilChameleon on June 05, 2019, 06:53:04 PM ---The moment we start talking strikes and 12 hour limits instead of 24 is when we lose the spirit and fun of these, and they become more mechanical and robotic.

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The moment we start talking strikes and 12-hour limits (et al) is when we establish a clear standard for participants, and the games become more efficient and don't drag out for ages.

--- Quote from: EvilChameleon on June 05, 2019, 06:53:04 PM ---Hell, I gave my contestants three days on the other site to answer. There was no rush. Nobody ever took more than 24 to answer most of the time, but hey, life happens, and so we should be accepting of that.

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Giving your contestants flexibility it one thing. Three days is quite another. Yes, real life happens, but when real life continues to happen and you keep holding up the proceedings, you're ruining it for everyone else. That's true if you're a contestant who takes three days to answer, or a host that lets it go on that long.

Mr. Weatherman:
I donít like the idea of a strike system, but that doesnít invalidate the necessity of it.  Unfortunately, going back to the old way of doing things would almost certainly yield the same results as before, given enough time.

A revamped HYO section with stricter rules that will prevent it from dragging the rest of the site down is a better solution than not having HYO at all, at least in my opinion.

I also want to add that my suggestions are merely that: suggestions.  The power to make/change the rules and reopen HYO does not lie with me, and ideas like the Ďstrike systemí I mentioned were brought up here first and have not been discussed elsewhere.  The powers above me have the final call.

Minimum should be 24 hours. Some people work long and irregular shifts, and canít always check the game on the phone when other matters may be more important.

I used to love hosting way back when (at least a dozen years ago), but that is something I do not have time for these days. I may be interested in playing some games.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I would love to see the HYO section return so I can continue my series.

Some of the guidelines I'd go along with if this were to happen would include:

* Section open to members only
* More than one moderator (which I would gladly apply for)
* Six-month probationary period for new members
* 3 strike system (but for contestants only)
* At least a 24-hour time limit for replies (applies to both hosts and contestants; should be adjustable to the host's preferences, because not everyone will check in 12 hours after a reply has been made, and we all have lives outside the forum)
Even after 25 shows, I still have the hosting itch, and hopefully when Season 48 rolls around, we can get it up and running again!

Thom's right--it's one thing if it's your own forum and you're the only game in town, but it's another if it means you're holding up another show that's waiting to go on. If a game takes three days without moving forward, that's three days you're depriving others of the chance to play. Especially so if only one or two games are allowed to go on at a time and there are other hosts waiting in the wings.

On the other hand--12 hours is a very fast pace for everybody involved. At bare minimum that means interacting twice a day, at opposite ends of the day, and checking the thread even more often than that. That's a big time commitment, especially if a host is choosing to update the game with graphics or something like that.

I'm in favor of a 24-hour time limit.  If speeding things along is an interest, maybe a prod after 12 hours and a strike at 24, two strikes and you're out, excessive prodding gets a strike, or something like that.

Not a rule suggestion, but a general suggestion: Hosts and contestants should understand that the way they participate can affect their future HYO opportunities. Quality hosting is more than just playing traffic cop, and quality contestant participation is more than than just saying "I'm in".

One problem was the section had in the past was posters who did the bare minimum to get by. When Stan's picking the day's contestants, he doesn't just take everyone who says "I'm in" and then pick players at random--he casts the show. It should be totally okay to give first four preference in Contestant's Row to people who are active in the community, or who prove they're able to answer with timeliness, or who show some creativity when signing ups, or who just have a good reputation. Likewise, if a prospective contestant frequently misses deadlines, or never leaves the HYO section, or only post just to post, there's nothing wrong with a host choosing to calling them down later in the show or not at all. It's their show, after all. Hosts are allowed to be judicious.

I also like the "wait three months before starting your next show" rule. It would help discourage people from hosting, just for the sake of hosting. Friendly competition breeds innovation.


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