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Is it time to give HYO another try?

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Mr. Weatherman:
To be fair, no one except Teddy was actively signing up to host shows during that final year or so of HYO (minus the trolls who forged themselves on ahead).  No one was being passed over ó there literally wasnít anyone else signing up, and thatís not his fault in the least.  Heck, I commend his dedication!  However, new HYO doesnít need repetitive hosting.  Thatís not a knock on anyone here, it just gets stale having the same people.  If it means going a little while here and there without an active show, thatís OK.

That makes me think of something else--contestants. Reignited hosting passions are great, but they don't amount to much unless there are enough contestants.

A probation period on new accounts would improve the culture in HYO, yes. Of course, this means less contestants immediately available. We would have to make up the difference with active members. Near the end of HYO's run, it wasn't uncommon for signups to need to be extended or re-extended in order to get enough players to run the show. If the occasional show needs it, this is probably okay to do once or twice, but if it's a regular thing that's a big problem.

Could we regularly get enough 10-12+ active members to sign up for a show at a time without having to stretch?

May I suggest that the HYO be transformed into, perhaps, a once or twice a month special? This would allow for a number of hosts to prepare shows that might air a month into the future. Thus, they will have time to do them right, instead of hastily piecing together shows simply to fill a void. This will ensure that the HYO is played in moderation, and doesn't become a regular thing.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I do like the idea of HYO coming back. It's been long enough and the site has calmed down enough that it's worth another go.

2. I like the idea of minimum post count AND minimum time since a user has joined the site to be able to play in an HYO. If you have just a minimum post count, then someone could come and post "I agree" a bunch of times just to play HYO. If you have just minimum time, then you could have someone who created an account years ago but never contributed at all here trying to play HYO.

3. I'm sorry, but 12 hours is too short a time frame to force people to respond. Nothing wrong with encouraging that, but if, for example, someone sleeps for 8 hours and then has an early flight the next day, they might not be able to check the site. This is especially true for the host--they may be able to check the site but it can take longer for them to post something, as it takes time to check their script, format their post with the graphics, etc. A 24 hour time limit, on the other hand, is a good amount.

3b. For the mods' sake, I don't think you want them having to take over shows even if the host disappears for a couple of days. That sounds like a lot of work for the mods, who have to look at someone else's script, try to use their graphics, etc. Instead, I'd vote for a rule of if a host goes silent for 3 days, their show goes on hiatus and we start another show. Then when one of the ongoing shows finishes, the half-finished show can pick back up. And then the host is not allowed to host another show for at least 6 months unless they had a *really* good reason to abandon their show in the first place.

4. I of course agree that there should be a variety of hosts, and that they should have to submit scripts in advance. Perhaps there could be up to four shows going at once--two by new(ish) hosts and two by veteran hosts.

Believe it or not, I actually wanted to start this thread a few days ago, but just couldnít get around to it. Iím truly glad thereís are quite a few others besides me who want HYOs to return. Iím even working on a half hour show at this moment. I was content with going to Net-Games to play it, but playing it here, on a forum that Iíve been a part of for years, would be truly incredible. Iím all in favor of bringing it back, and I truly hope it does come back soon so that we can enjoy the game show we love so much as hosts and contestants once more.  :-)


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