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YouTube links not embedding properly

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I have tried to embed YouTube videos using the [youtube] feature (the one in the message box, below the "Bold font" button, and I get this: #invalid YouTube link#. Does anyone know why? Appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

What are you putting between the tags? Between the opening youtube tag and the closing (/youtube), the only thing that should be there is the video ID, the "v=" part of the URL. So for example, if I want to embed, the post would look like:


Using the YouTube button below the bold font button.

I tried it, and it works. Thank you, htmlcc92!

You're welcome! I know I've always had issues trying to remember what to put in the brackets, I forget quite often!

The other thing that works is changing the https to just http. So in htmlcc92's example, this would also work:

(Except of course replace yt with youtube.)


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