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Mr. Weatherman:
Iíve been wondering this for a while...

Is there an emoji plugin ó one that would enable us to use actual emojis from our smartphones and so forth, not just the very outdated set we have at our disposal?  There have been numerous occasions when I have wanted to use a particular emoji but canít, and there is no comparable option from the few we have to choose from.

If this is a feature that can be implemented, it would be nice to have!


Lord GOD that came in way too oversized.

oh hey, i think that fixed it actually.  you won't see any sort of emoji add on, but if you're on mobile you should have access to the full suite of emoji through your device's emoji keyboard that comes with your device, although there may be differences in how they appear on other devices


Now, everything should be a-ok hopefully! 👌

Mr. Weatherman:
Hey look, weíve finally upgraded from 2006 to 2012! 🤪

(Mainly posting this for testing purposes as emojis donít seem to appear in the preview window. Also posting an emoji coded at 36pt below to see if it shows up.)


Edit: it did. Excellent.

Edit 2: changed font size to 99pt. This seems to be the max size we can make an emoji, for whoever is so inclined to do so.


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