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Connection not protected
The security of your connection is reduced. Criminals can attempt to steal your data from the website. You are advised to leave this website.



This certificate or one of certificates in the certificate chain is not up to date. View certificate

I understand the risks and wish to continue

I'm getting the same error. And this probably belongs in the technical support forum instead of this one. (Yes, I clicked on "report to moderator" to alert them to this.)

Been getting the same result from Chrome regarding G-R in general, so I've been using Firefox from that point forward. I'm guessing the security certificates haven't been renewed, so it's sending a generic warning.

Isn't there also something with some of the newer browsers not liking things with http rather than https (even though it doesn't really matter for a site like this, as opposed to something with information that people might really want to steal, like banking and such)?

I understand the risks and wish to continue

it's safe?!


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