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Yes, it is safe. Unless my computer got a virus yesterday and I'm unaware of it, it is fine.

Just tested it on the Opera browser, it's saying the Security Certificate expired 9 days ago (July 14) so that would be the problem there.

Sorry for not posting in here, guys -- I just now noticed this thread.

That said, we're not really sure why this is far as I know, neither Marc nor Chelsea is sure how to fix it.

Actually, the problem's pretty straightforward - security certificate has expired and it's not something that's taken care of by the webhost automatically - which is doubly a problem since the web as a whole is gradually moving towards pushing https and secure/certified websites.

Was going to get our certificate restored through the site backend for two years but hit a paywall with the webhost I do not have the credentials to move past.

Problem has been dealt with for the time being, site's security certificate is valid through October 31st while longer term renewal is explored.


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