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--- Quote from: mechamind on July 31, 2019, 08:40:09 PM ---Another thing: It mentions an IP address in the range of 68.X.X.X, which does not match any of my common locations. If it's not an G-R server address, it's probably the IP where the "clicks" are coming from (though it's wouldn't surprise me if it's coming from more than one computer).

--- End quote ---

There are sites out there that can localize an IP address; I'd be rather curious to see what result you got if you ran the IP in question through one of them.

/Related: I got a security alert from one of my accounts last week that someone was trying to get into it with the password-reset function; it was from a country on the other side of the world that I've never even heard of, and because it's not where I log in from every day, it locked the account immediately until I did some things on my phone, and the bad guys never got in...but it's a good reminder that the bad guys are always trying to do bad things, and all it takes for them to do it is one mistake from us.

The registration restriction was enacted to test for a few possible security vulnerabilities.

I have no reason at the moment to believe any accounts, passwords, or data was compromised, and will be lifting the restriction shortly. 

The 2.1 release of our forum software has hit release candidate 2 and I'm considering their timeframe for release of the final version and the stability of the release candidate to potentially upgrade.  2.0.x is several years old at this point, although security patches have continued to be put out. If my involvement with the site IS being being stepped up (moved to address the security certificate issue today but hit a paywall issue I don't have the credentials to move past), may also look at other forum software options. 


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