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Can't post this elsewhere but looks like there's an FAQ problem.....


Click on it, and you get a connection is not secure error. Not sure what the issue is, but it evidently can't be accessed due to this.

Correction: Could bypass it, but still should be fixed.

The FAQ's security certificate expired again. Same issue as last time.

Since the FAQ portion of the is presently only being actively logged in to by one person (Steve), I've just set the Wiki software to default to traditional HTTP for now. 

The previous certificate was supposed to be good for 30 days and renewable by me twice more while other options were explored. Paying for an SSL certificate for just the largely read-only FAQ doesn't really make much sense - but long term, I'd like to get the entire site switched over to HTTPS so it's something that'll have to be addressed. 

But in the meantime, the error should be nominally gone (exception: any bookmarked links that current point to the HTTPS version of the FAQ will still generate the error)

The site certificate for this whole site has expired. I had recaps forum bookmarked on my computer and the site certificate error showed up a few months ago. I had to jump through a couple hoops to get to this site. I bookmarked each forum as a test and all show the certificate error. I had a back door bookmark that worked till a few weeks ago, now the error message shows up for that too.


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