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Missing S47 recaps?


It looks like there are dozens of missing recaps in the season 47 section - have they been deleted or are they just mis-filed somewhere?

EDIT: Nevermind - I see that they're still in the current season page.  Feel free to delete this, thanks.

Roadgeek Adam:
I've been slow to archive them recently.

My morale has been down incredibly. Just going to my reunion the other day gave me a bit of a boost. Everything I've been doing in daily life has come crashing and it's hard.

Once I get the boost I will finish the archive work.

Sorry to hear.  Please don't take my post as a complaint, was just curious then found right after I posted.  Thankful for you putting in the time - it's a great resource.

I went ahead and archived them- no worries :)


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