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9821's The Price is Right Episode 2 - What Hasn't Happened?

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...I really got bored and decided to make another one of these, didn't I?  ;)

I will be using the same format as before, with four games, The Price Gift Exchange, and a selection of two TNPiR '94-style showcases. Here are the rules I mentioned last time, void where prohibited:

* I'll PM you when you get called on down, when you make it on stage, and if you make it to the Showcase.
* Deadlines are 24 hours, but you don't officially get penalized until after I say so. So, if you miss a deadline but preform the action before I call you for it, you are fine.
* Missing your chance on Contestants' Row will be an automatic pass on your first offense and an ejection on your second.
* Missing your chance at the start of a pricing game will result in you being swapped with the next-closest player during that IUFB, and you will have to earn your way back onto the stage. Missing a deadline after you've given an action will result in an automatic loss.
* If you forget to place a bid during the Gift Exchange, if it is your first warning, the prize will automatically be passed. If it is not your first warning OR if you cannot pass, you will be replaced with some stuck on Contestants' Row.
* If you forget to bid on the Showcase, you will be replaced with the second place person from the Gift Exchange.
* Audience, don't help during the IUFBs, but feel free to chime in anytime else!
* Have fun, and feel free to ask any questions, before or during the game![/quote]

If you thought that quoted list was long, have a longer one for my creative prompt!

My lineup consists of two games in active rotation and two retired games. All four games have not been played since the reboot of the HYO section. I don't want you to guess lineup. Instead, for contestant priority, out of all the games listed below, which one do you NOT want to play and why?

Active Games:
Coming or Going
Dice Game
Do the Math
Double Cross
Five Price Tags
Freeze Frame
1/2 Off
Let 'em Roll
More or Less
Now... or Then
One Away
One Wrong Price
Pass the Buck
Push Over
Race Game
Secret "X"
Side by Side
Squeeze Play
10 Chances
That's Too Much
Time Is Money

Retired Games:
Buy or Sell
Clearance Sale
Credit Card
Double Bullseye
Fortune Hunter
Give or Keep
Hit Me
On the Nose
On the Spot
Penny Ante
Professor Price
Shower Game
Split Decision
Step Up
Super Ball!!
Super Saver
Trader Bob
Walk of Fame

I'll start this show on Canada Day, July 1st at noon EST. Have fun submitting!

On the Nose.

Itís just not a good fit for HYO. I tried a practice run once, but itís so easy to break your computer screen...

Time Is Money.

On TV it always seems messy and difficult to follow. While it may be a bit easier online, it's still a hot mess and is usually way to difficult.

Iíd say Time is Money. Itís rather too frantic to get all of your items in  the correct spots for $20K. Plus itís also not a good fit for HyO since you have to automatically count down the total value if you get it wrong on the first try.

Simply put, this gameís too stressful. End of story.

I'm in! I'll take "On The Spot" for $200 please! Oh,  wrong prog-,  but anyway, I'll never get through (and win) this game 'cause it's PLAINLY CONFUSING! And everytime I'm confident about something's price, it seems that it would be a lot more cheaper or more expensive than I thought! That wouldn't help me a lot with this game.


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