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November 5, 1993
« on: August 04, 2020, 12:27:59 AM »
First Four: Kim, George, Jennifer, Patrick

IUFB1: Knight His & Hers Golf Clubs (winner also receives Ladies' Stetson Perfume)
Patrick: $1125
Jennifer: $1050*
George: $2000
Kim: $800
ARP: $1110

Before the bidding commences, Bob introduces everyone to Tricia, a new model for this week.

It turns out Jennifer's husband actually plays golf, so she'll have to learn from him.

PG1: Five Price Tags--Played for a Ford Taurus GL Wagon

Possible prices: $19,126, $17,642, $20,440, $18,400, $21,069

SP1: Monopoly Jr. Game--$11? Guesses true, ARP: $11
SP2: Hoover Elite II Vacuum Cleaner--$200? Guesses false, ARP: $200
SP3: Lady Remington Wet/Dry Shaver--$60? Guesses false, ARP: $40
SP4: Dazey Roundabout--$78? Guesses false, ARP: $78

Jennifer wins two picks from the five price tags

First pick: $19,126? NO
Second pick: $20,440? NO

ARP: $21,069


The camera shows all five choices in the beginning instead of panning down, and instead of true and false, Jennifer answers yes and no, respectively.

Second Calldown: Leo

IUFB2: Hatteras Hammocks Roman Arc Hammock & Stand
Leo: $1350
George: $700*
Kim: $850
Patrick: $1
ARP: $820

PG2: Range Game--Played for a Conway Whirlpool Spa

Range: $6,400-$7,000

George stops rangefinder at $6,430-$6,580

ARP: $6,720


Today, the rangefinder cannot be restarted for 37 hours. George is so quick to stop the rangefinder that the split-screen shot doesn't even show the audience.

Third Calldown: Krysta

IUFB3: Bassett Dinette Set (winner also receives a Performer Broom)
Krysta: $1250
Kim: $1500
Patrick: $1150
Leo: $1405*
ARP: $1475

PG3: 2 for the Price of 1--Played for Astral Crystal Stemware and a Trip to Aspen, CO

First: 4 or 2
Second: 8 or 2
Third: 9 or 6

Leo picks second number for free, which is 2

He then guesses price as $429

ARP: $426


George: .15+.30=.45
Jennifer: .35+.70=OVER
Leo: .05+.10=.15

George is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Carmen

IUFB4: 3 One-Ounce Gold Bars
Carmen: $525
Krysta: $1100*
Kim: $1500
Patrick: $1000
ARP: $1107

PG4: Credit Card--Played for Craftsman Tools, Bassett Pie Safe Cabinet, Michael C. Fina Co. Flatware, Berlin Recliner and GE Convection Microwave Oven

Credit Limit: $2,000

First purchase: Microwave--$529 ($1,471 remaining)
Second purchase: Recliner--$599 ($872 remaining)
Third purchase: Flatware--$1,500 (OVER)

Other ARPs: Tools--$600, Pie Safe--$1,000

Correct solution: Tools, Recliner, Microwave


Fifth Calldown: Ruby

IUFB5: Howard Miller Cherry Grandfather Clock
Ruby: $1400
Kim: $2500
Patrick: $1500
Carmen: $1501

Ruby: $1200
Kim: $1150
Patrick: $1201
Carmen: $1205*
ARP: $1295

PG5: One Away--Played for a Mercury Capri XR2

Wrong price: $26,674

Carmen changes price to $15,765

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 4

Carmen changes price to $17,765

ARP: $15,785


It's now a two-person race between Kim and Patrick to get up on stage with this last One-Bid. After all is said and done, at least one of them will definitely be in the FFBC. Can either one avoid this fate?

Final Calldown: Deanna

IUFB6: Canon Personal Copier
Deanna: $500
Ruby: $690
Kim: $550
Patrick: $691*
ARP: $800

While Kim is in the FFBC, Patrick escapes at long last! And now he must take on the task of winning this...

PG6: Penny Ante--Played for a Vaughn-Bassett Bedroom Group with Somma Mattress Set ($6,098)

GP1: Flintstones Complete Vitamins
GP2: Liquid All Detergent

Vitamins: $9.35, $11.79, $12.80 or $10.50

First guess: $10.50? NO
Second guess: $9.35? YES

Detergent: $5.99, $4.25, $7.89 or $6.50

Third guess: $5.99? YES


All hail Patrick, the contestant who just saved the show from that dreaded skunk!

Krysta: .90
Carmen: .85+.80=OVER
Patrick: .70+.40=OVER

Krysta is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Krysta
Runner-Up: George

Casio Electronic Piano, Washington, DC, Dodge Intrepid ES
Krysta bids $25,500

Bennett Bronze Sculpture, Lloyd/Flanders Living Room Group with Royalweve Carpet Mills 50-Square Yard Shangri-La Carpeting, Electra Craft 10-foot Jaunty Boat
George bids $8,000

Bob notices the audience has suggested that George bid $1 because they thought Krysta went over. Were they right? Only the final reveal will hold the answer...

ARP of George's Showcase: $17,105 (Difference: $9,105)
ARP of Krysta's Showcase: $26,525 (Difference: $1,025)

Krysta proves the audience wrong by winning her Showcase, and taking home $27,632 in cash and prizes!