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April 7, 1994
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Cynthia Brimhall is a guest model on this episode, as the show is trying to replace Dian Parkinson, who had departed the previous season.

First Four: Joseph, Janon, Leroy, Paul

IUFB1: GE Refrigerator/Freezer
Joseph: $550
Janon: $1200
Leroy: $2300
Paul: $1201*
ARP: $1691

PG1: Grocery Game--Played for a Bench Craft Living Room Group and Pioneer Stereo Component System ($4,085)

GP1: Correctol
GP2: Klondike Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches
GP3: Snuggle Singles
GP4: Sue Bee Spun Honey
GP5: Nestle Sweet Success

First purchase: 6 Ice Creams x $3.09 = $18.54
Second purchase: 1 Snuggle x $1.39 = $1.39 (TOTAL--$19.93)
Third purchase: 1 Honey x $1.89 = $1.89 (TOTAL--$21.82/OVER)


The losing sound is BUZZ! However, it will no longer be the case in 1995.

Second Calldown: Lamont

IUFB2: Scuba Gear
Lamont: $1150*
Joseph: $1250
Janon: $975
Leroy: $1200
ARP: $1196

PG2: 10 Chances--Played for a High Dome Roaster, Xerox Personal Copier and Mercury Topaz GS Sedan

First, Lamont will bid on Roaster

Possible numbers: 5, 1, 3

Chance #1: Writes $51, is wrong
Chance #2: Writes $53, is wrong
Chance #3: Writes $35, is right

Next, he will bid on Copier

Possible numbers: 3, 9, 0, 5

Chance #4: Writes $509, is wrong
Chance #5: Writes $350, is wrong
Chance #6: Writes $390, is wrong
Chance #7: Writes $590, is wrong
Chance #8: Writes $395, is wrong
Chance #9: Writes $950, is wrong
Chance #10: Writes $530, is right

Unfortunately, he won't get to bid on Car


This is one of a few instances where one of the prizes does not end in zero.

Third Calldown: Marla

IUFB3: Bassett Dinette Set
Marla: $875
Joseph: $900
Janon: $1300*
Leroy: $1150
ARP: $1475

PG3: Switch?--Played for Trips to Cancun and Cape Cod

Cape Cod--$3,663?

Janon decides to switch

ARP of Cancun: $2,767
ARP of Cape Cod: $3,663


Before the game commences, Bob bring out stagehand Tim Chic, who is leaving the show after this episode. He makes a joke that he'll have to open the Big Doors himself and then run out. Finally, before he lets Tim return backstage, he has the models kiss him for good luck.

Janon: .60
Paul: .20+.60=.80
Lamont: .65+.05=.70

Paul is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Mark

IUFB4: Hatteras Hammock Roman Arc Hammock & Stand
Mark: $550
Leroy: $800*
Marla: $950
Joseph: $1
ARP: $820

PG4: Squeeze Play--Played for a Swan Brass Queen Bed with Somma Flotation Mattress Set


Leroy removes the 9, and price squeezes to $3,149

ARP: $3,499


Fifth Calldown: Shirley

IUFB5: Hooker Furniture Maple Desk
Shirley: $475
Marla: $500
Joseph: $600
Mark: $601*
ARP: $673

PG5: Mark is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!

SP1: Roll-O-Matic Combo Mop, wrong price--$12 (guesses 1, ARP: $16)
SP2: 2 McGregor Men's Sport Shirts, wrong price--$20 (guesses 0, ARP: $30)
SP3: Easy-Steam Iron, wrong price--$75 (guesses 5, ARP: $45)
SP4: Oster Quick Freeze Ice Cream Maker, wrong price--$41 (guesses 4, ARP: $45)

First chip: $5,000
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $500 $1,000
Fourth chip: $500
Fifth chip: $5,000

Total: $11,500


Joseph, who is the last of the First Four, is now staring the FFBC in the face. Will he avoid this dreadful place with his bid? Let's find out right now...

Final Calldown: Lynette

IUFB6: Reuge Music Portable Bar Globe
Lynette: $1250
Shirley: $750
Marla: $850
Joseph: $851

Lynette: $700
Shirley: $550
Marla: $650
Joseph: $1*
ARP: $547

Joseph may need two chances to win, but he pulls it off at the last minute!

PG6: One Away--Played for a Dodge Spirit

Wrong price: $25,787

Joseph changes price to $14,896

Gentlemen, how many numbers are right? 3

Joseph changes price to $14,676

ARP: $14,698


Joseph: .45+.70=OVER
Leroy: .15+.90=OVER
Mark: .50

Because the first two spinners went over, Mark is going to the Showcase! His one spin does not get the split-screen.

Top Winner: Mark
Runner-Up: Paul

GE Washer/Dryer, Garland Professional Range, Ford Mustang GT
Mark bids $20,500

Exercise Room (BMI Home Gym, Jumpking Trampoline, Personal Climber Stair Climber), Sand Toys Dune Buggy
Paul bids $11,500

ARP of Mark's Showcase: $29,570 (Difference: $9,070)
ARP of Paul's Showcase: $11,945 (Difference: $445)

Paul wins his Showcase, and takes home $13,636 in cash and prizes!
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