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A Foreword to Season 17


First of all, I hope everyone has been healthy and continues to be so.

Price is going forward with no-audience tapings. It's starting November 16, and there are episodes through end of June and a July 4th special on the calendar. This is as tentative as the coronavirus allows it to be, but nonetheless, there are plenty enough episodes for a CSS season if it goes through. So, I will host Season 17 in earnest, as long as it goes. Just understand the playoffs could sneak up at any moment if things stop down, or the playoff rules might change depending on tapings remaining, or there might not be a playoffs altogether. Ultimately, let's just have fun with new Price episodes.

CBS has ordered three primetime episodes, the first of which is in three days' time, another on Election Day Eve (albeit a celebrity special, maybe we'll get some go out and vote shout-outs nonetheless), and another TBD. As before, I will host CSS playings for these. If there's enough valid playings (minimum TBD, but probably three) and there's a playoffs, the top average point scorer and top casher of all primetime playings will get 3 bonus playoff points, added on to top 10 regular season points/cash bonuses. Otherwise, these will just be fun scrimmages.

See you on Tuesday evening! I'm leaving this thread open for the time being, for any further questions.


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