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It looks like I'd wager that there will still be at least three more cycles to get through before the next batch of 100 drops. The reset back to 4581D is slated for tonight at 10 PM Eastern/7PM Pacific, with the next cycles starting at the same times on the morning of August 19 and the evening of August 31. 10 AM Eastern on September 13 would be the earliest logical time to start the next batch, with summer vacations fully over by then, as well as being four months since the third 100 was dropped, giving Pluto plenty of time to get the next 100 ready, along with accounting for summer vacations. 5345 is still up on YouTube, as is the On The Nose debut from Season 13's premiere week, along with the is the clip from the Balance Game premiere, but since the later is just a clip in not so good quality and the others in later batches of the next 100, still allows time for those to be blocked on there. The evening of Saturday, September 25 also looks like a good time to drop since that would fall right around S50 premiere week. Something I didn't mention upthread is that Tom Kennedy's plug of Body Language should be included in the next set. We've had five complete or nearly complete cycles at this point since the last 25 episodes were dropped in early in June, and a total of eight seems like a good amount before the next drop, since there were eight cycles IIRC after the last batch from February's drop were released. Also look out for the transitional Penny Ante set since the logo does change to white from the Season 13 episodes I've seen of the game before the color scheme does in 1985.


--- Quote from: pannoni1 on August 06, 2021, 08:13:52 AM ---Something I didn't mention upthread is that Tom Kennedy's plug of Body Language should be included in the next set.

--- End quote ---

He appeared on the show? That's the first time I've ever heard of that.......that's really cool to find out, considering he'd host it himself obviously at night just a year later. I hope that episode isn't skipped when they reach it.

Is anyone else seeing Pluto getting sloppier and sloppier with the airings?

I see some segments -- sometimes even the showcases -- cut to commercial in mid-act and then return for the credits. Sometimes, the win of a pricing game is missed because of these bizarre cuts to commercials.

Also, I'm seeing shows beginning a few minutes past the hour like they've drifted off the clock and no one at Pluto has noticed.

And as for commercial breaks -- I'm seeing a spot for Retinol and a spot for PrEP in almost EVERY commercial break. A few weeks back, it was the Ricky Bobby Dodge spot in EVERY commercial break.

Is everyone else seeing these problems or do I need to take my Roku box out back and put it out of its misery?

I haven't noticed any declines in the airings, though that's partially due to the fact that I haven't followed the channel 24/7 in nearly 2 months.  It's hit or miss for me, but it hasn't been that great since December.

You are spot in in terms of them cutting into the middle of segments or just not airing the results at all (the showcase reveal would be edited out and the credits roll instead).  They have cut into the end of segments, usually right after the results.  The last time I watched regularly, it was a hard cut into those Slice commercials/ads.  Those didn't just air every commercial break, but sometimes twice within the break.  Retinol is overplayed as well.  At least they stopped with those Podcast ONE ads!

Three minutes past the hour is the norm.  It's not ideal, but I don't have a problem with that start time.

Anyway, it's not just you in terms of your issues.  However, some factors include one's devices and location.  I was in Florida over the past couple of weeks, and those issues weren't as bad

This isn't unique to Pluto's TPiR channel. I've watched their American Gladiators channel and it has the same issues (awkward start times, having commercial breaks in the middle of games, etc.)


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