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The Price is Right: The Barker Era on Pluto TV

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Very excited to have this on as background content while I work. Can't wait to see some retired games, different eras, and just some vintage TPiR goodness.


--- Quote from: urbanpreppie0004 on November 30, 2020, 02:29:28 PM ---Can I make a request-

Can we not complain about the years they're not airing and be happy for at least a little while? Reruns of Barker era episodes haven't been on in 20+ years.

--- End quote ---

I mean, it's great they are getting reshown in some capacity, no question about that, just a little disappointing they seemingly aren't running a pretty significant part of the show's history in any capacity. Even GSN ran non fur shows from the first decade when they had it, so I don't see why they couldn't do the same here. But I suppose time will tell just what they decide to do. Will be interesting to see.

Good grief. We finally get classic episodes airing again, something we've been wanting ever since GSN axed them, and y'all are still not happy. Be grateful we are getting them at all.

Get ready for a ravaging of YouTube channels.

I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re getting this, people have been asking for Bob repeats for a long time. Yeah, so maybe we still have to wait on seeing the elusive second appearance of Professor Price or whatever, but who cares? This is still great, when these shows aired on GSN 20+ years ago, a lot of them weren’t recorded or documented, so they’ll be new again for most of us.


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